Tuesday, 22 April 2014

non-traditional easter crafting

this long weekend was devoted to prepping for the show me yours show next saturday and dealing with some paperwork and applications. of course, that doesn't mean that the knitting has to stop. i've been clicking away at my ease sweater

bright green is oh so appropriate for earth day. i totally planned that…ends to weave in all over the place.
it's coming along so quickly! so gratifying. after losing six hours last wednesday to a single stitch on mum's birthday shawl, i put it to the side (i still have a few weeks) and cast on my sweater for the kal. i will also need to get the lonely tree shawl on my needles soon for mum's friend, but the kal technically is only meant to run to the end of the month, and i feel like having an actual deadline for a selfish sweater is the only way i'll get it done with all these other projects kicking around. it grows really quickly, like i said, so i expect i'll have it finished by the end of the week at the latest, depending on whether i run into issues with the undies. how exciting! i do really love this sweater already. the raglan sleeves and wide neck are making me happy, and the colour is just amazing. i modified it slightly to add thumbholes to the sleeves.

the two largest size samples, seamed back and clean front. they need a good iron, then the white lace ones are mine.

i switched up undie templates because i wasn't super happy with the fit of the other ones. they were just too much of a short, and i'd have to fiddle around with the shaping too much. not a big deal if it's just for me, because i can try them on as i go, but i have sizes small through extra-large to mess around with and don't have humans of various sizes at my disposal to hang around for hours in case of tiny adjustments. so now i'm working with a template that has more of a brazilian cut (more cheek on display - i didn't name the style) and a centre back seam. and they still sit low on the hips.

my yarn arrived today! which means i can get right on to making those lace panels. i'll post later this week with the final undies and details for ordering a pair of your own.

p.s. yarn dyer extraordinaire tanis (of tanis fiber arts, aka dyer of all of my yarn lately) is also a knitwear designer, and she has a sweater in the latest brooklyn tweed collection. wool people 7 just launched, and all the knitters are going wild. go check it out. one of their models is an absolutely stunning silver fox too, which is just awesome. 

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