Monday, 28 April 2014

drool-worthy #9 - springy roundup

even though the weather here in manitoba hasn't quite caught up with the calendar yet, we are moving in on summer months. inspired by alex tinsley's recent spring knits post, this drool-worthy edition lists a few of the lighter and brighter knits that are hanging out in my queue. (this also saves me from fidgeting about in my seat because i have several drool-worthy knits i want to post but also want to keep these editions spread out a bit.) so here you go, nine spring-ish knits for the ninth drool-worthy post.

hidalgo by meghan kelly is the perfect layering top. lacy back, wide neck, loose fit. i'm notorious for starting out a session in the studio with layers on and by the end of it, just hanging out in my sports bra. i get cranky in the heat. so having a layer that can go back on at the end of a session without sticking to me/my sweaty skin is great.

catching butterflies by tiny owl knits, because handshoes are necessary all year long. just because there is no snow does not mean your hands won't get cold. particularly if you have raynaud's, like me. this pattern has been in my queue for a stupid amount of time.  i will get around to making them. i will. 

ice cream sundae by dani sunshine. i really don't need to explain this one.

fanny by marita rolin is another example of a stunning middle layer (middle being between your skin/bra if you wear those and whatever sweater/coat you have on top). also, buttons.

between the clouds by motoko takahashi may very well be the first knit skirt pattern i attempt. my waist to hip ratio causes problems whenever i try to make fitted bottom pieces, so we'll see how it goes. this pattern is gorgeous though.

climb by jane richmond is the perfect pair of classic socks, but in fingering weight rather than worsted. so you can have stylish toes that still fit in your non-sorels.  

kika by olga buraya-kefelian won't actually be released to the public until october, but it's so versatile and clever in its construction that i've already got it in my queue.

late august by silvia bo bilvia would be great in basically any yarn weight. circular shawls  are on my mind these days. a dear friend of mine spent the last weeks of our first degree wandering around campus with various blankets wrapped around his shoulders. circular shawls are like walking around while wearing a blanket, but it's a little easier to get away with in my mind.

hofs√≥s pullover by stephen west is oversized and has a bulky textured cowl neck, but it's knit in fingering weight yarn! because in canada, not having a sweater layer at any time of year is just a terrible idea. what about those late night bonfires by the water's edge? there are so many colour combinations you could do with this one. be adventurous, maybe.

i won't bother mentioning wool people 7, because i want to knit most of the patterns. arrows all over the place. so basically just add that whole lookbook into my queue too.

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