Tuesday, 15 April 2014

drool-worthy #8 - la maison rililie's "dessine-moi un mouton"

i feel like anyone who has ever studied french beyond basic verbs has probably read (or at least attempted to read) antoine de saint-exupéry's le petit prince. anglophones will know the translated version, the little prince. it's a terribly sweet and imaginative tale of a pilot who crashes in the sahara and meets a boy from space whom he refers to as "the little prince." none of it really makes sense, but that's the beauty of children's stories - they don't have to make linear sense. they just are, and things just happen, and that's completely acceptable. there's also quite a lot of social criticism and poignant quotes buried amid the animals and drawings. i have a bit of a romantic love affair with this story, but specifically the french version. i don't like it in english. i think the fact that it's a strange, non-linear adventure bothers me in my own language. i don't want it to make sense, and when it's in my first language, my brain tries to make it make sense. the french allows me to keep my childlike ease and romance alive and unhindered (mostly because i'm too busy trying to mentally translate to worry about anything else).

so when la maison rililie released dessine-moi un mouton (draw me a sheep), i suppose i was destined to fall in love with it. dessine-moi un mouton is a quote from the story, when the little prince demands that the pilot draw him a sheep. a whole sequence follows, which i won't bother philosophizing about here. needless to say, it's a well-known and unique quote from the story. this sweater somehow incapsulates that quote, and the story in general. perhaps it's the tender watercolour-like palette.

this piece is deceptively simple-looking. there's the slightest amount of shaping in the boxy body, and long skinny sleeves offset the cropped torso. layers! and the collarbones are exposed if you knit it with the raw neckline, like it is here. if you look closely, you'll see that there are stripes nearly all the way down, with the last three sets just barely differing in colour from the main grey. 

look at those sleeves! *sigh*
i know that i have a bajillion sweaters and layering pieces already in my queue, including my ease pullover and hana hou. but i just love this one so much. it's a fingering-weight sweater, so perhaps it's something that can happen slowly over the summer months. which will probably turn into the winter months, which would make it ready just in time for next spring! sometimes, i do really love the slow nature of knitting. there's only so quickly that the needles can click, and so you have to take your time to some degree. it's very meditative at times (when you're not looking at a deadline). 

i have no idea what colour scheme i would go with for this one. i am so in love with the muted palette of the pattern's sample, i don't know that i would want to change it. i realize that there are a million and two possibilities that would be equally beautiful. maybe this is one for making multiples? i also really adore the rustic quality of the wool used in the sample knit. it's terribly sweet. maybe the first one should be a classic wool in muted colours, like lopi, and then i can start looking into brighter/more contrasting colours and other fibre options? oh, the possibilities. i love it.

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