Tuesday, 1 April 2014

drool-worthy #7 - "wee levenwick" by gudrun johnston

this week, i'm back working with kidlets. it's been months since i was last in any sort of school/camp setting, and i don't think i even realized how great it is for my soul (and my mood) until i started back again yesterday. it's an amazing group of kids this time around, with some incredible little personalities. so perhaps it makes sense that my latest drool-worthy pattern is actually the mini-me version of a sweater i've had in my selfish knits queue for ages, levenwick. everyone, i'm pleased to introduce you to…wee levenwick!

gah! look at how adorable it is! it's such a stylish sweater to begin with, with amazing details and so many options with those buttons. but to make it in a tiny size? it's like magic. and makes me consider stealing one of my kids at work just so i can dress them in it.

such a great buttonband.
the original adult-sized version is one of my favourite patterns. you'd think that i'd have knit it long ago, especially considering the fact that it's worsted and would take next to no time to finish (well, next to no time compared to the fingering-weight cardigans i've got). but it's one of those projects i want to have the perfect yarn for before i start on it. i suspect something heathered. it really wants a vintage-y, roughish yarn, i think. when i eventually find the yarn, i'll be adding my wooden om buttons to it. 

me-sized version. do we see why i've loved it for so long?
i have enough buttons to make a second sweater though, so maybe it could literally be a mini-me? would that be weird? i dunno. but i do know that this one is definitely going in my queue. i'm one of those weirdos who plans on knitting loads of kids' clothes long before i ever have my own spawn running around. i figure if i get started now, by the time they actually come along, i'll have a decent-sized little wardrobe of handknits amassed for them. what do you think?

look at how happy that kid is. how could you not melt/desperately want to knit this sweater?

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