Tuesday, 8 April 2014

as we grow older...

i'm now at the age where friends and old classmates are getting married and having kids. okay, to be honest, that's been the case for a few years already, but it's still strange to adjust to as a perfectly normal thing that can happen. i've had kids i teach asking me if i'm married since i was 16, so to be at a point where it's a legit question is kind of funny. i also wear one of my (many) rings on my left ring finger, so that probably just adds to the confusion when i tell them i'm not married. it's been a number of years now that i find myself unconsciously checking people's ring fingers when i meet them. of course, the presence or lack thereof of a ring tells you basically nothing about a person's relationship status and type of relationship, but i did grow up in modern western society, and there are some things that are ingrained. like checking for rings and making assumptions about what that signifies. and crying over bridal shows when the bride-to-be finds the perfect dress. (i give myself the excuse of watching the shows so i can check out the dress designs as someone who works with costumes and fibre, but i don't know that it counts for the crying as well…)

how to confuse kids 101. the winter has done a number on my poor skin...

whether or not i'll ever actually get married is up in the air. i go back and forth between being totally against it due to its incredibly gross history, and thinking that maybe having a huge party where people have the excuse to dress up and i can have an excuse to craft all of the things would be kinda fun. maybe i'll stay single forever. who knows. what i do know is that some very dear friends of mine are tying the knot this autumn, and i'm incredibly excited for them (and for an excuse to dress up). their wedding also gives me an excuse for crafting, and i'm going to embark on one of my deepest crafting desires: i'm going to sew them a quilt.

the centre panel of what will eventually be my own quilt, plus the yarn monsterbarn gifted me that i'll use to knit a lace edge trim for the quilt.

i've been dreaming of sewing a quilt since high school (read into that as you like). due to never living on my own/with a space completely and solely dedicated to my crafting explosions though, i've never had the chance to actually make one. they're huge (i believe in blankets that are big enough to curl your entire body into), and not necessarily something that will be finished in a single day. they can be, of course, but i like having the option of leaving it out to tinker away at if need be. we do have a crafting room/office in the basement, so i think that if i plan things properly, i can steal that space for a few days without it totally immobilizing mum's work. but i do dream of the day that i have a room all to myself, just for my crafts. i have a pinterest board and etsy list dedicated to how i'd organize and decorate it. yarn and buttons and mason jars everywhere, needless to say.

have i mentioned before how much i love pinterest? i could definitely do without the bullshit "get results fast" workouts and diet recipes that pop up (shitty for self-image, and also generally ineffective - just find ways to stay active and eat a rainbow of whole foods that you've made at home if you're just looking for basic health boosts), but when it comes to knit inspiration, show designs, studio organization, and party planning, it's basically the best invention ever. i now have a board dedicated to finding the perfect quilt pattern. will it have loads of fancy overstitching? probably not. i'm thinking this first quilt will be a perfect example of stitching-in-the-ditch. but i love getting to pull all of the inspiring images together into one place, and even more so when i can just send my friends the link and get them to pick a favourite. 

this is the tanis fiber arts' cosmic blue label fingering in "shadow", in case you've forgotten. i love it.
today's post was a bit of a ramble. i hope that's okay. i suppose you probably stopped reading before this point if it wasn't. for those of you who made it through my loosely-jointed thoughts, here's a present! it's a photo of my moon & stars shawl, which is oh so close to being finished. those lace panels were a bitch to knit, but they are really beautiful...

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