Monday, 7 April 2014

almost not my un-birthday

it's almost my birthday, which is kind of exciting. i've never been a huge birthday person, but i also tend to enjoy it. i'm not one of those bah humbug folks, i just roll with whatever happens. last year i went to paris and came back with a load of yarn. the year before that, i had a potluck in my kitchen in halifax. come to think of it, there were many birthday potlucks in my various halifax kitchens. 

this was me last year on my birthday, tucked away from the crowds in montmartre with birthday yarn (the purple koigu used for my lace panels!). 
this year, i'm having another kitchen potluck party. my reasons for this (not that i need any) are: a) i'm poor; b) a lot of my friends are also poor; c) i'm a relatively anti-social creature unless kids are involved or it's a one-on-one date; and d) i prefer plans that don't require others to commit to specific times, like if i were to book a table at a restaurant or something. also, it gives me an excuse to cook and bake for other people. which i am definitely excited about doing. although if anything fails epically during the cooking/baking process, it'll probably get hidden in the garage until after everyone leaves. i'm a bit vain when it comes to my culinary creations. i tend to apologize for anything that's less than perfect.

photo courtesy of alicia plummer's ease on ravelry.
i did treat myself a little bit early to a birthday present. wolseley wool is having a kal for alicia plummer's ease pullover, and i figure it's the perfect excuse for me to get the pattern out of my queue and onto my needles. i was housebound during the kick-off party thanks to my annual spring cold (my body doesn't like fluctuations in temperature, i think), and so ended up hunting online for wool to pass the time. which of course led to finding the perfect yarn. i ordered 6 skeins of tanis fiber arts' green label aran in mallard, which should give me enough for the sweater and then enough leftover for a hat or maybe part of a baby sweater (i have no need for a baby sweater, but hey, they're cute). i'm doing the scoop neck version of ease, because a) it's not restricted to freezing weather/cold camping and hiking trips; b) i can wear shawls and scarves with it; and c) i love any excuse to expose collarbones. have i mentioned that they're one of my favourite parts of the human body? i love mine, which is kinda nice to say, since liking myself is an ongoing process, and i usually find them to be one of the sexiest things on other people. so it's the perfect fit. 

photo from tanis fiber arts.
if you were wondering to yourself, what on earth should i get an ash for their birthday?, this particular ash loves the following things, in no particular order: poetry, yarn, love notes, gluten-free baking, coconut anything, fresh flowers, handmade knick-knacks, hugs, tickets to theatre, birch trees, being serenaded, random things found on walks, and dates with friends to do whatever. i appreciate heartfelt gestures and gifts made and given from the heart over stuff you can buy at the mall, as a general rule. but i also don't expect anything. if you're nearby and feel like dropping in to give me a hug, amazing. if you're far away and snail mail me a love note, incredible. if you totally forget about my birthday and the next time we see each other, you're like, "hey, what's up?", that's cool too. if i'm honest, chances are i've forgotten your birthday too. sorry! but i wish you well and offer you some love. we can all use more of that, i think. 

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