Saturday, 12 April 2014

all of the undies

i've finally gotten around to making some of these undies. they're pretty fun, i have to say. i popped into mitchell fabrics earlier in the week, and while they don't have loads in the stretch knit section, there is some neat stuff. i normally pride myself on using only natural fabrics, but let's face it, stretch fabric is going to have some degree of spandex involved. and look at these polka dots!

these undies are pretty hilarious, if i do say so myself. before you all get excited though, i should warn you that they're just the sizing sample. the fabric is light, which is lovely, but it looks weird with the knit lace panels (hence why there aren't actually any in this pair). 

see? weird. also, those panels are actually going to go sideways, not up and down.

i'll be keeping these undies for myself. in fact, the template i'm working with, which you can see is very much for hipster undies, actually doesn't fit so well around the bottom. it flares out, and with an extra couple of inches, would probably make awesome pj shorts. which may also happen. but for well-fitting undies, the bottom needs to come up about an inch all around. 

they're so cute when folded, they almost get away with not being adjusted yet.

the fabric is also a polyester/spandex blend (another reason i won't be selling them), but i used a piece of cotton for the lining, so at least there's something natural to go against bits (i feel like probably no one is a fan of yeast infections*). and what cotton am i talking about? why, this cotton right here.

yes, it's kinda bland and boring (although it could be ok if black lace got involved). it's fair trade cotton though, with a standard 8% spandex blend to allow for stretch. i'm going to try dyeing it and see what happens. if it works, i may go back for more, because i feel like it could be a very nice infinity scarf fabric. maybe even go so far as to screen-print on it? yes, yes that could work. a feather or something. i do love feathers. or a ball of yarn. i'm also going to hunt down more plain fabrics, because they highlight the lace panels much better than any patterned ones i've found. i'll keep you all updated as i figure out what the heck i'm doing. it's all a bit of an adventure. an adventure on a deadline! ah, the joys of designing.

stretch lace is surprisingly annoying to track down. you can get pretty wide widths, but smaller widths seem to hang out in mostly white. which is fine, because that's easier to overdye than black, but i don't know how well stretch lace will take on any sort of dyes, natural or otherwise. there are some other fabric shops in the city i need to pop into, so i'll see if i can find any colours that are more fun. like turquoise. or coral. or neon something. obnoxious undies are almost as great as black lace. almost. not quite. nothing beats black lace.

this is where you'll be able to find the undies first in winnipeg. i'll be doing custom orders after that (taking them now). i may or may not end up at the party. i'm pretty anti-social.
a bit of a bonus for y'all: local fibre artist extraordinaire velvet plume has released the 2014 spring collection and there are things online that you can buy, even if you're not in winnipeg! (if you are in winnipeg, there will be an open studio in the coming weeks and, as always, the folk fest handmade village to look forward to.) velvet plume is a family-run business, and boy are they the most adorable family ever. the clothes are also perfect for you hippie/yogi/forest creatures out there. i got a tree button skirt at the last winter open studio, and also won a pair of leggings (yay!). i've worn both pretty consistently, and luckily, they layer great during the colder weather. i love my tree button skirt. it's the perfect thing to wear if i'm going to art events around the city, and if shorts are underneath (they always are), i can easily climb trees in it. that's my indication of a good skirt or dress - can i climb trees or play with kids if necessary while wearing it? i like to think of it as "practical femme." if you're looking for something to add to your wardrobe, take a peek at the latest collection. there are some dresses in there that i'm drooling over, and they're always one-of-a-kind. support local and independent artists!

rustic ripples is similar to my skirt and can be bought here
*this may be way too much info for some of you, but if you are female-bodied and feel a yeast infection coming on, there's an old wives' tale remedy that actually works really well: garlic. peel a clove of garlic and stick it up there, then hang out for half an hour or so. weird, yes, and probably not something you'd ever normally think of doing. but it works surprisingly well, and if you can avoid having to take any of those nasty drug store/pharmaceutical remedies over several days, i think it's worth the shot. just try it. it's a lot cheaper and much nicer to your body than vagasil or monistat. hope i haven't grossed you out too much! and if i have, well, we should probably have a conversation about the level of comfort you have with bodies and their weird functions. because bodies are weird and do strange things, and that's just life. we should probably get over it as a society. it'd make a lot of things a whole lot easier. ok, social rant over. you can go back to admiring the undies and skirts.

p.s. i finished my first ever crochet project this morning, and the moon & stars shawl is finished and blocking. expect pics of both in the next blog post.

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