Saturday, 26 April 2014

all of the undies for a lot of the bums!

the undies are ready! after about 36 hours straight. i was not a pretty sight at 4am two nights ago. and my finger joints might hate me a little. but it's worth it! check these puppies out:

if you're thinking of ordering a custom pair, the sizing runs as follows:
x-small/small - 35-36" hip
small/medium - 37-38" hip
medium/large - 39-40" hip
large/x-large - 41-42" hip

based on my own experience, i'd say these run a bit smaller than traditional north american sizing, which is why i've listed the sizes as in-between. but make your decision based on how you prefer your undies to fit. go based more on the measurements than on the size you'd buy in the store. for me, i can fit the two largest sizes, but i prefer the fit of the largest. for those of you who know me, use that as your gauge. (and while the template doesn't go larger than hips my size - which are substantial, but certainly by no means an end to the fabulous bum size spectrum - i'm happy to mess around with it to grade it up. i can try grading it down as well, but i'm not sure how much smaller they can go without needing a whole new shape. if you really want a pair and don't fall into the sizes listed, please get in touch with me and we'll see if we can't figure something out. all bums should have awesome undies, regardless of size.)

undies in various states of progress.

i didn't get every pair i wanted ready for the show, but i decided that letting my eyes un-focus and not making a bunch of mistakes was more important. self-care here, folks. 

right now, i'm making them with a bamboo knit, which is fabulously soft. i may have to go back to get more, for the undies and for some studio layers. there was a skirt i was drooling over recently that would be really easy to sew… you can get the undies with or without lace panels (ones with lace panels will cost more because of the time and materials). email me at ash.sunflowerknit[at]gmail[dot]com to chat and get a quote. i'll be making custom order options available on etsy in the coming weeks, but i have a couple other projects that take precedent, so emails will be your best way to get them asap.

this is the outfit i'm providing for my model. your neckwear should match your undies, right? 
oh, and the yarn is tanis fiber arts blue label that i posted about last time, so you can pick your colours there. or if you really want another one of her colourways, we can sort that out. 

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