Sunday, 27 April 2014

all of the beautiful talented souls

i find that when i haven't been in the studio or released products/projects that have a life beyond myself for a while, i get a bit antsy, and occasionally disillusioned with the creative life. it's hard, and nerve-wracking, and anxiety-inducing, and even when you do have the fortune of releasing a creation out into the ether, you're left standing vulnerable and scared that people won't like it. because it is an extension of you, and your soul, and your whole reason for being here, and that's fucking terrifying. 

but then i do release it, and it receives a tremendous response, like the undies did yesterday. wow, you folks are awesome. i'll be making all of the options available on etsy in about two weeks, so hang tight. you'll all be able to have dreams for your butt (in the words of my model) very soon. and i'm also looking ahead to new performance opportunities - training in the coming weeks for an older project that's getting new life, and the possibility of getting a head-start on a new project that's been mentally percolating for a while now. so creatively, right now, i'm like the buds on the trees - not fully flourishing yet, but goddamn, it's good to be out there again.

which brings me to the purpose of this post - my incredible creative community. i have so many incredibly talented humans in my life. and a number of them are working on projects that could use your help. or at least your attention. so here are a few of the incredible humans i know and the bits of soul they are releasing into the world:

the sun apparatus theatre company's kickstarter campaign

this company is made up of a bunch of wonderful ladies i met during my master's degree. they created a show called unprescribed that was brilliant, hilarious, weird, and that made some very astute comments about our strange world. they've continued on past graduation, like my own company has, and are working long-distance, like myself and my producer. this company has a member each in the states, lithuania, israel, and the uk. i can tell you from personal experience, skype meetings across the time zones are a pain in the ass. but they've done it, and now they're headed to edinburgh fringe this summer! they've got a kickstarter campaign going to help them raise the funds they need to get there, and there's still a couple weeks left to help them out. please do if you can. i love these women, and even if i didn't, they're still stupidly talented and clever.

go it alone (together) sale of all the neat things

halifax (aka where my heart resides) homes an incredible community of students, artists, hippies, punks, queers, and activists. obviously other folks live there too, but it's kind of a hub in the maritimes for anyone on the left and with an artistic soul. a friend and fellow activist, kaley, and her best friend/partner in crime, emily, are selling some of their zines and patches and things to raise money to get to the portland zine symposium. i got freelance as fuck in the snail mail a couple of days ago, and it's fabulous. you can order it and other fun stuff from them here.


i'm in the process of nominating one of my favourite humans, stewart legere, for an award, and it requires that i gather examples from a bunch of his projects as supporting material. he's one of those people who is brilliant at anything he picks up, and who you'd hate for that fact if you weren't so in love with him. he's doing projects pretty regularly in hali and toronto, so keep an eye out for his name, but in the meantime, here's a music video of his. he'll be releasing his debut album in the coming months, and his voice is magic. so when it is released, you should definitely buy it. 

and finally, some news about projects that i'm very excited about, even though i don't actually personally know the people involved.

arsenal pulp press, an alternative independent book publisher out of british columbia, is releasing a book soon called craftivism. it's a series of essays all about - you guessed it - craftivism, and is edited by betsy greer. i'm a huge proponent of the use of crafts to raise social awareness, whether through guerrilla theatre happenings, flower bombs, yarnbombing, wheat paste posters, flash mobs, whatever. i think harnessing our creative juices for social good can be exponentially more effective for making people pay attention than any number of rallies (i do love a good rally, of course). i also really enjoy anthologies of essays, because i'm a research nerd. not in academic institutions - i'm done with that for a while - but in my own life, i love research. so this book is definitely in my to-read queue. (bonus: betsy did her master's in london too. her thesis was about knitting and diy culture. my master's was in diy theatre, sort of. coincidence? i think probably.)

caitlin ffrench, aka the one behind we will tell you all of our secrets, has just announced that she'll be releasing a book this fall that's all about natural dyeing, knitting, and the creative process. she's got a kickstarter campaign going right now so that her collaborators can get paid up front (something i'm very passionate about as an artist who frequently collaborates with other artists). i'll be hunting this book down once it launches, but in the meantime, take a peek and help her out if you can. the donation perks are pretty awesome. 

i would like to end this post by saying that a) capitalism sucks; b) the fact that we do really need to rely on money, even if we do things as grassroots as possible, sucks; c) i am consistently amazed and humbled by the support the creative community offers to its members; and d) i am eternally grateful for the creative souls out there, both in my life and around it. y'all are awesome. and you give me hope. so keep going, because you're fabulous. and if you ever need a boost, maybe try incorporating this:

i have no idea where this originally came from, but i love it.

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