Sunday, 20 April 2014

a knitter's fickle moods

i very rarely actually buy the yarn for a queued project until i'm prepared to get it on my needles. as a result, my stash ends up being comprised mainly of single skeins and the occasional large project's worth (like my girasole blanket, which i actually have enough eco + to make). last year, though, i ordered a special batch of the uncommon thread's silky merino fingering in ink blot (the yarn is now sadly discontinued, but maybe you can get lucky and find someone willing to destash). i ordered five skeins, which was more than enough to make cookie a's rotation cardigan. it was going to be my special london selfish knit.

one skein of that yarn has now found itself in two projects for mumsy, the first being these handshoes that i modified to fit her from mone dräger's straightforward mitts for last year's birthday…

an iphone photo that actually turned out not so bad!

…and the second being the main colour of her shawl for this year's birthday. 

hey knitters, can you guess what pattern i'm using yet?
so i now have 4 skeins left, and i'm no longer as enamoured with rotation as i once was. it's a lovely pattern, but i just seem to have moved on from it. so now here i am, with 1760 yards of this beautiful yarn that i'm not willing to part with, and no major project planned for it. i'm working on using up my stash these days (to save money and to actually get around to using what i have), so i headed over to ravelry to look at top patterns. 

remember the abigail cardi that i originally planned to knit out of that tweedy silk? well, that pattern is still in my queue (and in my library because i actually bought it - extra incentive!), and it should take about 1200 yards. so there's that. but wait! that still leaves me with over 500 yards to play with. how about a nice summery top? with the rate of snow melt here, i'll probably get it done in time for the warm weather…

cue dianna walla's vasa. it's loose, boxy, and amazingly, the finished projects in ravelry are overwhelmingly gorgeous. (is that mean to say? i feel like it's more a sign that the pattern is well-written if the end product looks great 9 times out of 10.) the best part? she's doing a kal with it (adorably called the vasalong) through june 6. i've already said how having a kal encourages me to actually get projects done. i'll have to weigh my yarn to make sure that i don't go into the amount i need for the cardi, but the striping means i can easily just adjust the contrast colour to take a bit more space. it's kind of a tight timeline, what with finishing my ease sweater, mum's shawl, the lonely tree shawl, and undies all in the next couple of weeks, AND THEN moving onto my market knitting, but i'm sure it's do-able. the prizes (did i mention there are prizes?) are an incentive to push through haha. plus having it done in time for nice weather is exciting. 

i hope the easter bunny found you with loads of chocolate, if that's your thing. and otherwise, i hope it's bright and sunny wherever you are! what summer knitting projects are you looking forward to in the northern hemisphere? for those of you further south, what's turning your fancy as the weather chills?

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