Monday, 28 April 2014

drool-worthy #9 - springy roundup

even though the weather here in manitoba hasn't quite caught up with the calendar yet, we are moving in on summer months. inspired by alex tinsley's recent spring knits post, this drool-worthy edition lists a few of the lighter and brighter knits that are hanging out in my queue. (this also saves me from fidgeting about in my seat because i have several drool-worthy knits i want to post but also want to keep these editions spread out a bit.) so here you go, nine spring-ish knits for the ninth drool-worthy post.

hidalgo by meghan kelly is the perfect layering top. lacy back, wide neck, loose fit. i'm notorious for starting out a session in the studio with layers on and by the end of it, just hanging out in my sports bra. i get cranky in the heat. so having a layer that can go back on at the end of a session without sticking to me/my sweaty skin is great.

catching butterflies by tiny owl knits, because handshoes are necessary all year long. just because there is no snow does not mean your hands won't get cold. particularly if you have raynaud's, like me. this pattern has been in my queue for a stupid amount of time.  i will get around to making them. i will. 

ice cream sundae by dani sunshine. i really don't need to explain this one.

fanny by marita rolin is another example of a stunning middle layer (middle being between your skin/bra if you wear those and whatever sweater/coat you have on top). also, buttons.

between the clouds by motoko takahashi may very well be the first knit skirt pattern i attempt. my waist to hip ratio causes problems whenever i try to make fitted bottom pieces, so we'll see how it goes. this pattern is gorgeous though.

climb by jane richmond is the perfect pair of classic socks, but in fingering weight rather than worsted. so you can have stylish toes that still fit in your non-sorels.  

kika by olga buraya-kefelian won't actually be released to the public until october, but it's so versatile and clever in its construction that i've already got it in my queue.

late august by silvia bo bilvia would be great in basically any yarn weight. circular shawls  are on my mind these days. a dear friend of mine spent the last weeks of our first degree wandering around campus with various blankets wrapped around his shoulders. circular shawls are like walking around while wearing a blanket, but it's a little easier to get away with in my mind.

hofsós pullover by stephen west is oversized and has a bulky textured cowl neck, but it's knit in fingering weight yarn! because in canada, not having a sweater layer at any time of year is just a terrible idea. what about those late night bonfires by the water's edge? there are so many colour combinations you could do with this one. be adventurous, maybe.

i won't bother mentioning wool people 7, because i want to knit most of the patterns. arrows all over the place. so basically just add that whole lookbook into my queue too.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

all of the beautiful talented souls

i find that when i haven't been in the studio or released products/projects that have a life beyond myself for a while, i get a bit antsy, and occasionally disillusioned with the creative life. it's hard, and nerve-wracking, and anxiety-inducing, and even when you do have the fortune of releasing a creation out into the ether, you're left standing vulnerable and scared that people won't like it. because it is an extension of you, and your soul, and your whole reason for being here, and that's fucking terrifying. 

but then i do release it, and it receives a tremendous response, like the undies did yesterday. wow, you folks are awesome. i'll be making all of the options available on etsy in about two weeks, so hang tight. you'll all be able to have dreams for your butt (in the words of my model) very soon. and i'm also looking ahead to new performance opportunities - training in the coming weeks for an older project that's getting new life, and the possibility of getting a head-start on a new project that's been mentally percolating for a while now. so creatively, right now, i'm like the buds on the trees - not fully flourishing yet, but goddamn, it's good to be out there again.

which brings me to the purpose of this post - my incredible creative community. i have so many incredibly talented humans in my life. and a number of them are working on projects that could use your help. or at least your attention. so here are a few of the incredible humans i know and the bits of soul they are releasing into the world:

the sun apparatus theatre company's kickstarter campaign

this company is made up of a bunch of wonderful ladies i met during my master's degree. they created a show called unprescribed that was brilliant, hilarious, weird, and that made some very astute comments about our strange world. they've continued on past graduation, like my own company has, and are working long-distance, like myself and my producer. this company has a member each in the states, lithuania, israel, and the uk. i can tell you from personal experience, skype meetings across the time zones are a pain in the ass. but they've done it, and now they're headed to edinburgh fringe this summer! they've got a kickstarter campaign going to help them raise the funds they need to get there, and there's still a couple weeks left to help them out. please do if you can. i love these women, and even if i didn't, they're still stupidly talented and clever.

go it alone (together) sale of all the neat things

halifax (aka where my heart resides) homes an incredible community of students, artists, hippies, punks, queers, and activists. obviously other folks live there too, but it's kind of a hub in the maritimes for anyone on the left and with an artistic soul. a friend and fellow activist, kaley, and her best friend/partner in crime, emily, are selling some of their zines and patches and things to raise money to get to the portland zine symposium. i got freelance as fuck in the snail mail a couple of days ago, and it's fabulous. you can order it and other fun stuff from them here.


i'm in the process of nominating one of my favourite humans, stewart legere, for an award, and it requires that i gather examples from a bunch of his projects as supporting material. he's one of those people who is brilliant at anything he picks up, and who you'd hate for that fact if you weren't so in love with him. he's doing projects pretty regularly in hali and toronto, so keep an eye out for his name, but in the meantime, here's a music video of his. he'll be releasing his debut album in the coming months, and his voice is magic. so when it is released, you should definitely buy it. 

and finally, some news about projects that i'm very excited about, even though i don't actually personally know the people involved.

arsenal pulp press, an alternative independent book publisher out of british columbia, is releasing a book soon called craftivism. it's a series of essays all about - you guessed it - craftivism, and is edited by betsy greer. i'm a huge proponent of the use of crafts to raise social awareness, whether through guerrilla theatre happenings, flower bombs, yarnbombing, wheat paste posters, flash mobs, whatever. i think harnessing our creative juices for social good can be exponentially more effective for making people pay attention than any number of rallies (i do love a good rally, of course). i also really enjoy anthologies of essays, because i'm a research nerd. not in academic institutions - i'm done with that for a while - but in my own life, i love research. so this book is definitely in my to-read queue. (bonus: betsy did her master's in london too. her thesis was about knitting and diy culture. my master's was in diy theatre, sort of. coincidence? i think probably.)

caitlin ffrench, aka the one behind we will tell you all of our secrets, has just announced that she'll be releasing a book this fall that's all about natural dyeing, knitting, and the creative process. she's got a kickstarter campaign going right now so that her collaborators can get paid up front (something i'm very passionate about as an artist who frequently collaborates with other artists). i'll be hunting this book down once it launches, but in the meantime, take a peek and help her out if you can. the donation perks are pretty awesome. 

i would like to end this post by saying that a) capitalism sucks; b) the fact that we do really need to rely on money, even if we do things as grassroots as possible, sucks; c) i am consistently amazed and humbled by the support the creative community offers to its members; and d) i am eternally grateful for the creative souls out there, both in my life and around it. y'all are awesome. and you give me hope. so keep going, because you're fabulous. and if you ever need a boost, maybe try incorporating this:

i have no idea where this originally came from, but i love it.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

all of the undies for a lot of the bums!

the undies are ready! after about 36 hours straight. i was not a pretty sight at 4am two nights ago. and my finger joints might hate me a little. but it's worth it! check these puppies out:

if you're thinking of ordering a custom pair, the sizing runs as follows:
x-small/small - 35-36" hip
small/medium - 37-38" hip
medium/large - 39-40" hip
large/x-large - 41-42" hip

based on my own experience, i'd say these run a bit smaller than traditional north american sizing, which is why i've listed the sizes as in-between. but make your decision based on how you prefer your undies to fit. go based more on the measurements than on the size you'd buy in the store. for me, i can fit the two largest sizes, but i prefer the fit of the largest. for those of you who know me, use that as your gauge. (and while the template doesn't go larger than hips my size - which are substantial, but certainly by no means an end to the fabulous bum size spectrum - i'm happy to mess around with it to grade it up. i can try grading it down as well, but i'm not sure how much smaller they can go without needing a whole new shape. if you really want a pair and don't fall into the sizes listed, please get in touch with me and we'll see if we can't figure something out. all bums should have awesome undies, regardless of size.)

undies in various states of progress.

i didn't get every pair i wanted ready for the show, but i decided that letting my eyes un-focus and not making a bunch of mistakes was more important. self-care here, folks. 

right now, i'm making them with a bamboo knit, which is fabulously soft. i may have to go back to get more, for the undies and for some studio layers. there was a skirt i was drooling over recently that would be really easy to sew… you can get the undies with or without lace panels (ones with lace panels will cost more because of the time and materials). email me at ash.sunflowerknit[at]gmail[dot]com to chat and get a quote. i'll be making custom order options available on etsy in the coming weeks, but i have a couple other projects that take precedent, so emails will be your best way to get them asap.

this is the outfit i'm providing for my model. your neckwear should match your undies, right? 
oh, and the yarn is tanis fiber arts blue label that i posted about last time, so you can pick your colours there. or if you really want another one of her colourways, we can sort that out. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

non-traditional easter crafting

this long weekend was devoted to prepping for the show me yours show next saturday and dealing with some paperwork and applications. of course, that doesn't mean that the knitting has to stop. i've been clicking away at my ease sweater

bright green is oh so appropriate for earth day. i totally planned that…ends to weave in all over the place.
it's coming along so quickly! so gratifying. after losing six hours last wednesday to a single stitch on mum's birthday shawl, i put it to the side (i still have a few weeks) and cast on my sweater for the kal. i will also need to get the lonely tree shawl on my needles soon for mum's friend, but the kal technically is only meant to run to the end of the month, and i feel like having an actual deadline for a selfish sweater is the only way i'll get it done with all these other projects kicking around. it grows really quickly, like i said, so i expect i'll have it finished by the end of the week at the latest, depending on whether i run into issues with the undies. how exciting! i do really love this sweater already. the raglan sleeves and wide neck are making me happy, and the colour is just amazing. i modified it slightly to add thumbholes to the sleeves.

the two largest size samples, seamed back and clean front. they need a good iron, then the white lace ones are mine.

i switched up undie templates because i wasn't super happy with the fit of the other ones. they were just too much of a short, and i'd have to fiddle around with the shaping too much. not a big deal if it's just for me, because i can try them on as i go, but i have sizes small through extra-large to mess around with and don't have humans of various sizes at my disposal to hang around for hours in case of tiny adjustments. so now i'm working with a template that has more of a brazilian cut (more cheek on display - i didn't name the style) and a centre back seam. and they still sit low on the hips.

my yarn arrived today! which means i can get right on to making those lace panels. i'll post later this week with the final undies and details for ordering a pair of your own.

p.s. yarn dyer extraordinaire tanis (of tanis fiber arts, aka dyer of all of my yarn lately) is also a knitwear designer, and she has a sweater in the latest brooklyn tweed collection. wool people 7 just launched, and all the knitters are going wild. go check it out. one of their models is an absolutely stunning silver fox too, which is just awesome. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

a knitter's fickle moods

i very rarely actually buy the yarn for a queued project until i'm prepared to get it on my needles. as a result, my stash ends up being comprised mainly of single skeins and the occasional large project's worth (like my girasole blanket, which i actually have enough eco + to make). last year, though, i ordered a special batch of the uncommon thread's silky merino fingering in ink blot (the yarn is now sadly discontinued, but maybe you can get lucky and find someone willing to destash). i ordered five skeins, which was more than enough to make cookie a's rotation cardigan. it was going to be my special london selfish knit.

one skein of that yarn has now found itself in two projects for mumsy, the first being these handshoes that i modified to fit her from mone dräger's straightforward mitts for last year's birthday…

an iphone photo that actually turned out not so bad!

…and the second being the main colour of her shawl for this year's birthday. 

hey knitters, can you guess what pattern i'm using yet?
so i now have 4 skeins left, and i'm no longer as enamoured with rotation as i once was. it's a lovely pattern, but i just seem to have moved on from it. so now here i am, with 1760 yards of this beautiful yarn that i'm not willing to part with, and no major project planned for it. i'm working on using up my stash these days (to save money and to actually get around to using what i have), so i headed over to ravelry to look at top patterns. 

remember the abigail cardi that i originally planned to knit out of that tweedy silk? well, that pattern is still in my queue (and in my library because i actually bought it - extra incentive!), and it should take about 1200 yards. so there's that. but wait! that still leaves me with over 500 yards to play with. how about a nice summery top? with the rate of snow melt here, i'll probably get it done in time for the warm weather…

cue dianna walla's vasa. it's loose, boxy, and amazingly, the finished projects in ravelry are overwhelmingly gorgeous. (is that mean to say? i feel like it's more a sign that the pattern is well-written if the end product looks great 9 times out of 10.) the best part? she's doing a kal with it (adorably called the vasalong) through june 6. i've already said how having a kal encourages me to actually get projects done. i'll have to weigh my yarn to make sure that i don't go into the amount i need for the cardi, but the striping means i can easily just adjust the contrast colour to take a bit more space. it's kind of a tight timeline, what with finishing my ease sweater, mum's shawl, the lonely tree shawl, and undies all in the next couple of weeks, AND THEN moving onto my market knitting, but i'm sure it's do-able. the prizes (did i mention there are prizes?) are an incentive to push through haha. plus having it done in time for nice weather is exciting. 

i hope the easter bunny found you with loads of chocolate, if that's your thing. and otherwise, i hope it's bright and sunny wherever you are! what summer knitting projects are you looking forward to in the northern hemisphere? for those of you further south, what's turning your fancy as the weather chills?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

ripping back

well, i had intended to have photos for you of mumsy's finished birthday gift, but the knitting deities would choose tonight to curse me with a single stitch that required ripping out about 3 hours worth of work. i got my stitches back to before the mistake and am casting on another project to give myself a mental break. and i'm posting this tonight instead of tomorrow since the project definitely won't be blocked in time for a post in the morning. the wonderful world of knitting is always a busy one for me, and i seem to go from no major deadlines to several important ones in the space of a few days. it's nice though. i enjoy the busyness (although i could certainly do without the ripping back…).

yesterday heralded the arrival of my tanis fiber arts yarn for the ease pullover kal at wolseley wool. i'm a couple weeks late getting started, so i'll have to knit quickly to play catch up. which could prove a little bit difficult, given that i have undies to make for the 26th and a semi-commission that's finally been sorted out that should technically take priority. my tfa blue label should also be arriving within the next week, which will mark the start of some frantic-ish summer market prep. it's all fine and good though. i work much better with deadlines in place, and preferably a few deadlines at a time. lucky for you all, a lot of projects mean a lot of wip and fo photos too!

this mohair is the yarn i'll be using for the semi-commission (it's for a friend of mum's, so it's not a typical commission). normally i don't do mohair, but she actually bought the yarn back in the summer specifically so i could make her something with it. i'll be working with sylvia bo bilvia's lonely tree shawl pattern. for you punk knitters out there (i know several of you haligonians fit this bill), she just released a hat pattern you'll probably love. check out swoon here.

swoon's model savanna striking a pose like most of my haligonian loved ones. i could have chosen a less "edgy" pic, but this one made me snort. and it's my current sentiment towards ripping out stitches. and i've been pissed off recently by the amount of unnecessary censorship/silencing/dismissal of alt voices in online knitting world. so if you don't like it, bite me. actually, bite me anyway. please and thanks.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

drool-worthy #8 - la maison rililie's "dessine-moi un mouton"

i feel like anyone who has ever studied french beyond basic verbs has probably read (or at least attempted to read) antoine de saint-exupéry's le petit prince. anglophones will know the translated version, the little prince. it's a terribly sweet and imaginative tale of a pilot who crashes in the sahara and meets a boy from space whom he refers to as "the little prince." none of it really makes sense, but that's the beauty of children's stories - they don't have to make linear sense. they just are, and things just happen, and that's completely acceptable. there's also quite a lot of social criticism and poignant quotes buried amid the animals and drawings. i have a bit of a romantic love affair with this story, but specifically the french version. i don't like it in english. i think the fact that it's a strange, non-linear adventure bothers me in my own language. i don't want it to make sense, and when it's in my first language, my brain tries to make it make sense. the french allows me to keep my childlike ease and romance alive and unhindered (mostly because i'm too busy trying to mentally translate to worry about anything else).

so when la maison rililie released dessine-moi un mouton (draw me a sheep), i suppose i was destined to fall in love with it. dessine-moi un mouton is a quote from the story, when the little prince demands that the pilot draw him a sheep. a whole sequence follows, which i won't bother philosophizing about here. needless to say, it's a well-known and unique quote from the story. this sweater somehow incapsulates that quote, and the story in general. perhaps it's the tender watercolour-like palette.

this piece is deceptively simple-looking. there's the slightest amount of shaping in the boxy body, and long skinny sleeves offset the cropped torso. layers! and the collarbones are exposed if you knit it with the raw neckline, like it is here. if you look closely, you'll see that there are stripes nearly all the way down, with the last three sets just barely differing in colour from the main grey. 

look at those sleeves! *sigh*
i know that i have a bajillion sweaters and layering pieces already in my queue, including my ease pullover and hana hou. but i just love this one so much. it's a fingering-weight sweater, so perhaps it's something that can happen slowly over the summer months. which will probably turn into the winter months, which would make it ready just in time for next spring! sometimes, i do really love the slow nature of knitting. there's only so quickly that the needles can click, and so you have to take your time to some degree. it's very meditative at times (when you're not looking at a deadline). 

i have no idea what colour scheme i would go with for this one. i am so in love with the muted palette of the pattern's sample, i don't know that i would want to change it. i realize that there are a million and two possibilities that would be equally beautiful. maybe this is one for making multiples? i also really adore the rustic quality of the wool used in the sample knit. it's terribly sweet. maybe the first one should be a classic wool in muted colours, like lopi, and then i can start looking into brighter/more contrasting colours and other fibre options? oh, the possibilities. i love it.

Monday, 14 April 2014

northern skies & between sleep and awake

it's my birthday today, and i have so much gratitude for the amount of love in my life. i've received so many well wishes already (i'll respond to you all soon), and it's been a gorgeous, albeit chilly, morning and early afternoon. i am so very pleased to share these two projects with you all on this day. the first is my moon & stars shawl, which i've named northern skies, and the second is my very first crochet project, a peter pan collar.

big bang theory mug from my little bro! and my curly mess of drying hair. 

this shawl is my new favourite. it dresses down surprisingly well, considering the sparkle in the yarn and the intricacy of the pattern. it's big and cozy, and wears just as well as a proper shawl as it does wrapped like a bandana around the neck. the lace panels were a bitch to knit, and i would highly suggest you take the pattern's note of using lace tip needles. i tried at the beginning with normal ones and it was a shit show. dropped stitches all over the place. the 5-into-5 are tedious and take ages, but they're so gorgeous that it's worth the effort and sore fingers.

i don't know that i would make this pattern again for myself, but that's because it's so different and unique that it would be strange to have multiples, i think. i can't wait to wear it to my friend's wedding social. and then probably to a different wedding in the fall. it's such a great design - lightweight for summer things, but big enough to provide some bulky warmth if you need it. i've already worn it to an arts' event, around home for my potluck, and to a business meeting, so it's getting quite the array of outings. 

the deets:
pattern: moon & stars shawl by shui kuen kozinski, for brooklyn tweed (no mods)
yarn: 184g of tanis fiber arts' cosmic blue label fingering in shadow

i called my collar between sleep and awake in honour of j.m. barrie's peter pan, which has been and will always be one of my favourite stories (and also a dream role to perform). as i neared the end of the shawl, i got a massive case of end-of-project-antsiness and started hunting around for a small, quick project that i could finish in time for my potluck (i actually ended up wearing my shawl, but y'know). peter pan collars are a pretty big fashion trend right now, and while i normally don't pay much attention to trends beyond whether they might impact my product sales, the collars are pretty damn cute. very vintage, pretty versatile, and quick project satisfaction. i hunted around on ravelry for a pattern, but most of them are crocheted, and as we all know, i'm a knitter. the most i'd crocheted before (and not always successfully) was edging along knitted projects. but most of the knitted patterns just weren't as exciting, and i didn't have the brain power to figure out my own pattern on such short notice.

cut to emma escott's free pattern. it's adorable, and i thought to myself, well, what better excuse to learn how to crochet? i grabbed some stash yarn that i thought might be more versatile for the finished product, and found a simple wooden button. rustic, right? the collar is a little tight right now, so i'm going to add a second button and make a simple chain to hook between the two.

the deets:
pattern: crochet peter pan collar by emma escott 
yarn: the uncommon thread's silky alpaca sport in aged merlot
hook: 3.75mm
button: wooden, from my stash

the foundation chain went easily enough, with no major differences in tension as i went along. awesome, i thought. this is easier than i expected. then came the first row. oh shit. luckily, this yarn is wonderful and hides the many, many mistakes that i made in that first row. and then in the second row. by the third row, i started to get the hang of it. i had google with me the whole way through to decipher the crochet terms and tutorials. who had the bright idea of coming up with overlapping names but completely different stitches for us versus uk crocheting? idiots. i eventually figured it all out though, and sooner than expected, i had myself a pretty damn adorable collar. i may even be a little hooked on crocheting. (insert snort at my punniness here.) but have no fear, i'll never give up on my knitting. that's here to stay. even if this collar is super cute.

i'm so excited to have these projects finished. i'm already (possibly belatedly in knitting world) thinking about summer markets and just placed a yarn order for a rainbow's worth of tfa blue label. what are your favourite colours for this summer for accessories? 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

edible and non-edible things to drool over

i've been making all of the things! here's a quick peek. i have a potluck to get ready for, so the shawl and collar will receive a more complete post later. for now, i give you photos to drool over!

food is chilling elsewhere while we wait on arrivals. my craft fair bunting gets some use!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

all of the undies

i've finally gotten around to making some of these undies. they're pretty fun, i have to say. i popped into mitchell fabrics earlier in the week, and while they don't have loads in the stretch knit section, there is some neat stuff. i normally pride myself on using only natural fabrics, but let's face it, stretch fabric is going to have some degree of spandex involved. and look at these polka dots!

these undies are pretty hilarious, if i do say so myself. before you all get excited though, i should warn you that they're just the sizing sample. the fabric is light, which is lovely, but it looks weird with the knit lace panels (hence why there aren't actually any in this pair). 

see? weird. also, those panels are actually going to go sideways, not up and down.

i'll be keeping these undies for myself. in fact, the template i'm working with, which you can see is very much for hipster undies, actually doesn't fit so well around the bottom. it flares out, and with an extra couple of inches, would probably make awesome pj shorts. which may also happen. but for well-fitting undies, the bottom needs to come up about an inch all around. 

they're so cute when folded, they almost get away with not being adjusted yet.

the fabric is also a polyester/spandex blend (another reason i won't be selling them), but i used a piece of cotton for the lining, so at least there's something natural to go against bits (i feel like probably no one is a fan of yeast infections*). and what cotton am i talking about? why, this cotton right here.

yes, it's kinda bland and boring (although it could be ok if black lace got involved). it's fair trade cotton though, with a standard 8% spandex blend to allow for stretch. i'm going to try dyeing it and see what happens. if it works, i may go back for more, because i feel like it could be a very nice infinity scarf fabric. maybe even go so far as to screen-print on it? yes, yes that could work. a feather or something. i do love feathers. or a ball of yarn. i'm also going to hunt down more plain fabrics, because they highlight the lace panels much better than any patterned ones i've found. i'll keep you all updated as i figure out what the heck i'm doing. it's all a bit of an adventure. an adventure on a deadline! ah, the joys of designing.

stretch lace is surprisingly annoying to track down. you can get pretty wide widths, but smaller widths seem to hang out in mostly white. which is fine, because that's easier to overdye than black, but i don't know how well stretch lace will take on any sort of dyes, natural or otherwise. there are some other fabric shops in the city i need to pop into, so i'll see if i can find any colours that are more fun. like turquoise. or coral. or neon something. obnoxious undies are almost as great as black lace. almost. not quite. nothing beats black lace.

this is where you'll be able to find the undies first in winnipeg. i'll be doing custom orders after that (taking them now). i may or may not end up at the party. i'm pretty anti-social.
a bit of a bonus for y'all: local fibre artist extraordinaire velvet plume has released the 2014 spring collection and there are things online that you can buy, even if you're not in winnipeg! (if you are in winnipeg, there will be an open studio in the coming weeks and, as always, the folk fest handmade village to look forward to.) velvet plume is a family-run business, and boy are they the most adorable family ever. the clothes are also perfect for you hippie/yogi/forest creatures out there. i got a tree button skirt at the last winter open studio, and also won a pair of leggings (yay!). i've worn both pretty consistently, and luckily, they layer great during the colder weather. i love my tree button skirt. it's the perfect thing to wear if i'm going to art events around the city, and if shorts are underneath (they always are), i can easily climb trees in it. that's my indication of a good skirt or dress - can i climb trees or play with kids if necessary while wearing it? i like to think of it as "practical femme." if you're looking for something to add to your wardrobe, take a peek at the latest collection. there are some dresses in there that i'm drooling over, and they're always one-of-a-kind. support local and independent artists!

rustic ripples is similar to my skirt and can be bought here
*this may be way too much info for some of you, but if you are female-bodied and feel a yeast infection coming on, there's an old wives' tale remedy that actually works really well: garlic. peel a clove of garlic and stick it up there, then hang out for half an hour or so. weird, yes, and probably not something you'd ever normally think of doing. but it works surprisingly well, and if you can avoid having to take any of those nasty drug store/pharmaceutical remedies over several days, i think it's worth the shot. just try it. it's a lot cheaper and much nicer to your body than vagasil or monistat. hope i haven't grossed you out too much! and if i have, well, we should probably have a conversation about the level of comfort you have with bodies and their weird functions. because bodies are weird and do strange things, and that's just life. we should probably get over it as a society. it'd make a lot of things a whole lot easier. ok, social rant over. you can go back to admiring the undies and skirts.

p.s. i finished my first ever crochet project this morning, and the moon & stars shawl is finished and blocking. expect pics of both in the next blog post.