Friday, 21 March 2014

winner, winner, chicken (tofurken?) dinner

the undies contest is officially over, which means i have winners to announce! but first, some other things. because it's my blog, and i can blather on if i want. you can skip down to the bottom if you're impatient, of course.

winnipeg's version of spring. the ground cover is about three feet of snow everywhere.

it's a full house here again. my little brother has come back home for a bit, and the dog is predictably very excited about having everyone in one place again. it soothes her herding urges, i think. there have been a number of changes in my life recently, and i'm hoping that they all work out at least somewhat positively. one good thing is that i'll be working at spring break camp at my old theatre school. definitely not a terrible way to spend a week. i love that place. i've also been catching up with a bunch of old friends, and there are many more catch-up dates in the near future, so that's pretty fabulous. 

a pile of rough silk.
speaking of spring break, it's now officially spring. the equinox was yesterday. i even saw a goose! someone should tell the 12-foot piles of snow that their job is done. i got it into my head that i wanted to knit a quick top for the camp (why? because i need random things to justify a new project...although i'm a bit in love with a friend's mentality that you shouldn't need an excuse to do something nice for yourself). i had five skeins of tweedy silk in my stash that were destined for a cardigan, but then i was reminded by google that a) silk is a pain in the ass to care for and b) you need to keep the washing to a minimum because water weakens the silk fibre and ruins the structure. not exactly a great plan for a cardigan, especially if it's going to be worn regularly-ish. so i cast on this top instead. it's coming along pretty well, considering it's a light fingering weight. i figure if i can get to the armholes by the end of the weekend, i'll be on schedule for finishing it by the end of the month. i didn't like the eyelets in the original design, so i'm working an arrow lace stitch instead. love the back though. oh, layers. 

finally, it's time to announce the winning lace design, and the winning voter! it looks like the faun's eye stitch will be the lace featured in the upcoming undies. i'll post photos as they get made, of course. runners' up included german honeycomb stitch and wheat in the wind, so they will likely make an appearance at some point as well. and congratulations to cathy! you've won the random draw. there's an email in your inbox with questions for your undies design. they should be ready in the next couple of weeks! and everyone else, fear not. if you'd like your own pair of undies, let me get these puppies finished (that way i'll have an accurate idea of how much time they take to make), and then i'll be posting an etsy update with a custom order button. you can think of your ideal design in the meantime.

your winning stitch. i actually was not expecting this one at all. excited to see how the undies turn out!

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