Wednesday, 5 March 2014


wow, it's been a while since i've made a blog post. and even longer since it wasn't a drool-worthy. whoops! sorry about that. in my defence, the last few weeks have been incredibly busy for curiouser theatre in terms of grants and paperwork. when you have actual deadlines with thousands of dollars of grant money on the line, photography kind of takes a back seat. i've also been busy editing articles for GUSH! and working with the nutrition council in preparation for stone soup next week. but now i'm back! and i've done a lot of crafting in the last little while too, which i'm very happy to share with you all now. 

first up, some fo's. 

i finished pam allen's honey shrug a while ago. it's kind of hilarious when it's not being worn, because it's legitimately just a pair of sleeves. i started it after i got sidetracked on my moon & stars shawl. i need lace tip needles to deal with the star panels, and i don't have the right size, of course. eventually, i will get back to wolseley wool. in the meantime, i've been working on other things. this one was made with exactly two skeins of malabrigo arroyo in glitter.

another one of my long-queued/stashed projects was the high plains drifter shawl by kirsten hipsky. i bought malabrigo sock in candombe, indiecita, and ochre for it while i was still working at nest, in north london. i liked the colour shift, and these colourways looked just like a peacock feather to me. 

i have loads left over from each skein, which is rather convenient. hexipuffs have already been made. the candombe and ochre are currently being used for malia mather's veer hat (another selfish knit, pictured above), and then the ochre and indiecita will be used in another shawl for mum's birthday gift (i won't say the design yet, as it's meant to be a surprise). and i'll be using more of the candombe in a pair of handshoes for warmer weather days. whenever those decide to surface. maybe in june? seriously, so over this cold snap. it was in the -50s over the weekend. -50 in march! 

speaking of my moon & stars shawl, the top skein there is tanis fiber arts' blue cosmic label fingering in shadow, which is what the shawl is being knit out of. i'm so excited to continue with it. i'm in love with the yarn. i'm also in love with the splattery skein, which is madelinetosh's dk twist in cotopaxi. i'll be using it for the quills arrow shawl eventually. i'm less in love with the pink skein, which is another of tfa's yarns, purple label fingering in ballet slipper. it's too pale for my liking. but i have a plan to use it as the contrasting colour in malia mather's voetpad shawl, with a light grey alpaca as the main. and a hexipuff, of course. then i'll swatch up a few bits and play with over-dyeing the rest using natural dyes. 

during festival du voyageur, there was a natural textile dyeing workshop with kelly ruth. it was so fun! and fascinating. hence my current obsession with dyeing things. i've got a huge piece of white cotton that i'll be testing different things on. apparently avocado skins and pits result in a pinkish rose colour. i'm kind of stuck with kitchen scraps until the snow clears and i can go foraging. once that happens, i'll be looking for all sorts of deadfall! these pieces of silk were dyed at the workshop with logwood (the amazing deep purple - i'll have to order some when i have money again, since it's not indigenous to northern climates, which is where i tend to spend my time), madder root, black walnut, carrot tops, and osage. 

sooooo out of focus. le sigh. still working on those photography skills.
also, do you like my rose garland? the mrs. sent me roses for valentine's day (ah, the wonders of the internet these days), and they dried beautifully. i had to soak the stems again for quite a few hours to get them soft enough to stab with a needle and thread, but otherwise it was a really simple project. they're living out in the porch still. i think they look nice against the white stucco. plus if they shed a little out there, it's not a big deal.

another fun little art project on my docket - i've just been asked to design undies for an art show! i have no idea what they'll be at this point, or whether i'll sew or knit some, but i suspect that given my timeline, they'll be sewn. if you could have a custom pair of undies, what would you want? let me know and maybe i can make it happen! i have the most hilarious freelance career sometimes. 

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