Thursday, 13 March 2014

ready, set, go!

as you saw in my last post, i'm hosting a contest over the next week to help me decide what lace designs will make it into undies i'm making for an arts show next month. there are ten lace swatches to choose from, all of which can be seen in lovely detail in this album on my facebook page. take a peek and decide on your favourite! 

one of your ten contestants.

the contest begins today and will end on march 20 at 11:59pm, central time. after that point, i'll be choosing a winner and announcing them, as well as revealing which designs will be featured in the undies.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

rules and terms and conditions and such:
-i reserve the right to cancel this contest at any point. i likely won't, but just in case, y'know, i can.
-there will be one randomly drawn winner. how can you trust that it will be random? because i'm using rafflecopter and it actually allows for that sort of thing. the winner will be announced here, on the facebook page, and on my twitter feed (first name only, of course).
-the prize is one pair of custom-made undies, brief-style, with or without lace panels. i can't do y-fronts, sadly. that involves way more skill than i have at the ready to put into them. if you win, i'll be getting in touch with you via email, and will get your measurements that way. if you're in winnipeg, we'll arrange a meet-up. otherwise, i'll be mailing them to you. if you're outside canada and want them tracked on their journey, you'll be responsible for the extra shipping charges. i'll cover basic ones.
-the prize can't be substituted. if you win and you really don't want a pair of custom undies, ask a friend who's having a bad day if they would like them. or your significant other. or your mom. if that's not too weird.
-please only vote once on your favourite. the whole purpose of this thing is so that i have an idea of what the most popular design(s) are, not that people try to up their votes by choosing every single swatch.
-you can only vote once on the designs, but you can increase your chances of winning by tweeting about the contest, liking the facebook page, and following me on twitter*. each of these will give you one extra ballot. sweet!
-if you don't win, that's too bad. i'll probably do something like this again. please be gracious, and be nice to me and to whoever does win. being a sore loser sucks for everyone. online abuse is still abuse.

*ahem, a bit of a heads up about following me on twitter. it's my business-y account, and a lot of work that i do is related to gender inequality (outside the binary) and sexual health. i also co-edit a journal about sexuality. so if that kind of stuff offends you, or makes you uncomfortable, well, i have an opinion about that. but also, i want to respect your boundaries (woot, consent!). therefore, a friendly heads up that perhaps following me on twitter is not the best option for you. there are other ways to get extra ballots. and i don't particularly want a bunch of followers who will either a) drop off as soon as the contest is over or b) stay on and harass me every time i post something about sexual health, or sex work, or porn, or whatever. save us both the drama and just like the facebook page instead. that's usually safe for work.

p.s. if you're wondering what yarn was used for the swatches, it's tanis fiber arts' purple label cashmere sock in "ballet slipper." i can't gush enough about this yarn. 70% merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon (because it's a sock yarn). it's like wearing a cloud next to your skin. a soft, scrumptious, doesn't-make-you-itch-like-crazy cloud. also, in my experience, tanis is impressively quick at getting orders out in the mail.

my lovely assistant. she's getting braver with the camera. maybe because i'm actually holding it.

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