Wednesday, 12 March 2014

plumage, hugs for feet, and an undies contest

i finished off more wips! first up is my veer hat that i posted a photo of last time. it's turned out really well, and is a cute snug-fitting hat that's ready just in time for the thaw that's (sort of) happening. fingers crossed that the thaw lasts…

not pictured is my dog, who only stuck around for a couple of shots because the shutter click scared her.

peacock feathers are my absolute favourite (you should see the tattoo i have planned with them…). i don't normally do colourwork, so this was the perfect project to work on my stranded knitting skills. colourwork all the way through, but a small enough project that it wasn't totally overwhelming.

definitely dog hair on the socks already. a hazard of companionship.

then there are these adorable yoga socks. i made them out of one of my favourite sock yarns, socktopus sokkusu original. unfortunately, the company is now defunct, but the dyer for socktopus has continued putting out more yarn on what i believe are the same bases. these colours are "midsomer" and "slice of orange", both of which are just delicious in real life. yoga socks are a favourite sunflower knit item - they give you toasty toes during your practice/studio time while still allowing your toes and heels to grip the floor. grounding and cozy at the same time? yes, please! this pair is a selfish knit (on my frozen toes, hence all the blood flow trying to heat them back up). full disclosure, it took me ages to decide to share this pic. i'm really self-conscious about my feet. i'm working on it. someday maybe i'll like them on a regular basis. probably after they've been inked…

finally, here are some lace swatches. why lace swatches, you ask? because i'm making undies! let me explain: i've been asked to design undies for an art show next month, and me being me, they had to have some sort of knitting element. but i don't really do lace undies. it's just weird. why would you want knitted undies when you could just have comfy cotton fabric or sexy black lace that isn't going to potentially stretch out of shape? also, knitting full pairs of undies would take forever, meaning the likelihood of them selling would be even lower. so, sewn undies from scraps of fabric or upcycled clothes was the next option. but that's kind of boring. the solution? sewn undies with handknit lace panels!

my goal is to get three pairs ready for the show. whatever doesn't sell there will end up in the etsy shop. i'm knitting up swatches of lace patterns to decide what will actually go into the undies right now, and this means i can conveniently get those swatches of tanis fiber arts' purple label fingering ready for the dye pot ahead of time. and they'll be pretty ones! the yarn is really luscious thanks to the blend of merino and cashmere, and the swatches are super soft and delicious. i kind of wish i had either more skeins in varying colours, or a neutral base that i could easily overdye, because it really is the perfect yarn for adding into undies that are going near your sensitive bits (hips, people, hips!). i'll make one pair with the pink as is, i'm sure there's some fabric in our stash that will work. if they sell well, maybe i'll make them into a regular item! and invest in a neutral skein that can be overdyed easily.

on that note, i'm hosting a contest of sorts to celebrate/use the interwebs to help me make my design decisions. after i complete all the swatches, i'll be posting them on my facebook page in an album. i'm still sorting out the platform for voting (any suggestions?), but after 7 days (i.e. a week after the contest opens), i'll randomly draw a name from everyone who voted. that winner will get a custom-made pair of undies! and don't worry if you don't like lace - we can sort out something else.

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