Wednesday, 26 March 2014

itchy feet

every so often, i get itchy feet. and by every so often, i mean pretty regularly. and by itchy feet, i mean wanderlust. i get an incredibly strong urge to pack my backpack, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and go travelling. lately, that's also been paired with the completely opposite urge to stay where i am and hunker down. i've noticed a pattern that my longer periods of international travel (we're talking months here, not days or weeks) seem to coincide with some fairly traumatic experiences. i don't know what that's about. but while i desperately want to travel right now, that desire is also confined to very specific places - i either want to fly over to iceland to hike and camp for a few weeks, or hop a train here in canada and explore my own country some more. the thought of going anywhere else gives me anxiety at the moment.

mmmm, chutney.
i spent my childhood and a good portion of my youth going all over canada, and a solid chunk of the states as well. we were not the family to go on a yearly trip to some warmer clime or take a whirlwind european vacation. instead, we'd take about a month every summer and go camping, following the fly fishing conclaves and splitting our time between favourite old haunts and new locations. as a result, i'd been to every province except newfoundland before i was ten. newfoundland got knocked off the list for the first time in high school, and i've been trying to weasel my way up to the territories for years now. i love canada. not in the nationalistic uncomfortable sense (unless i'm in another country, then my very awkward canadian identity kicks in…or if there's a hockey game on). i have massive issues with our governing structures, with the way our environment is being destroyed in the name of big business, with the very real continued discrimination against our First Nations peoples as well as new immigrants (hey white folks, you're also technically immigrants, so stop being racist jerks under the guise of some twisted sense of national identity). but i love the kindness you find in every corner of this country. the amazing food. the huge empty spaces. the incredible cultures that share the land. and the fact that a place so vast and diverse can still feel like home when it comes down to it. i would love nothing more right now than to hop on a train and cross the country a couple of times. i'd visit loved ones, eat delicious things, knit a lot, and maybe get a tattoo or three. money's an issue, of course. it's always an issue. maybe someday it won't be. but right now, i have to not be completely impulsive.

all of the chutney.
luckily, there are a bunch of fun things happening around the city. the junos are here, and while this year's broadcast makes my blood boil thanks to the inclusion of a certain "artist" famous for a certain anti-consent song, i do love celebrating canadian music. there are some concerts and recordings to check out, and friends to catch up with. i've been doing that lately too. it's a full house here right now, which means my cabin fever is amped to about one hundred percent. perfect time to check out art exhibits and have food dates with lovelies outside of my house. and, to be fair, staying in every once in a while isn't terrible if you have a case of mangoes to make into chutney. hopefully this batch doesn't stash a bonus ingredient of dog fur. i don't know how that stuff manages to get into absolutely everything, but it does. if i could choose, i'd replace the possible dog fur with extra cinnamon. cinnamon is a much nicer bonus ingredient.

the wee flecks are cinnamon. i think.
p.s. that top i posted about last time is nearly done. photo shoot to come soon, although i'm crossing my fingers that we get a warm spell when i do it. loose summer tops and sub-zero temperatures are not the best lovers.

photo and general loveliness from
p.p.s. i want to make an apron. aprons, in case you didn't know, are one of my guilty pleasures. i think they're the perfect mix of sexy and functional. i don't know why, but i have this ridiculous desire to sew an apron with big pockets. maybe two…one for the kitchen, one for non-food-related projects. i have a bunch of fat quarters that would make fabulous pockets. fabric stash, here i come.

p.p.p.s. i know i have undies to make, and i'm up to my eyeballs in emails lately for curiouser theatre. plus next week i have an actual 9-5 job to attend (it's theatre- and kid-related, so it's the one kind of 9-5 job i enjoy). itchy feet will have to wait. but honestly, i am doing a lot of work amid the hours of knitting and dreaming.

one more pic of the chutney. i feel like they need little superhero capes in this one.

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