Friday, 28 March 2014

itchy feet continued

the itchy feet haven't gone away yet. if anything, they're stronger than ever. so are my hermit tendencies. my soul's got some tug-o'-war happening, it would seem. i think the snow is feeding into it, along with a few other things. i really just want to go get lost in some woods for a bit, preferably with a largish body of water nearby. but there are 3-4 feet of snow blanketing basically everything that's not a road or city sidewalk, so getting around without snowshoes isn't exactly easy. 

this particular snowbank is at eye height. there's no downward angle involved.
i'm having trouble balancing lately. which probably explains a lot of my rambles. to be honest, i find writing about it in this sort of (public) space strange and conflicting. i feel a bit like i shouldn't say so much, and that i should just post some project photos or something. but then i feel like it's therapeutic, and also that as a reader, sometimes finding out that someone else has tingly skin and wound muscles is really helpful and soothing. i think perhaps i'm just more sensitive and therefore more uncomfortable than usual. and that's not a bad thing, it just is. 

all of that being said, i've spent quality time with a number of really wonderful people lately, and went to a fabulous live radio recording last night (the junos week special from q on cbc, which you can listen to yourself here).

i've also returned to the kitchen, sort of. preserving and baking used to be major coping mechanisms for me in terms of staying happy, and i'm getting back to both. i've also returned to my bedroom, which is currently a bit of a disaster area. i'm trying to make it functional for me now, as an adult rather than a kid, so that it's a comfortable space for me to be in for the next few months. ultimately, i'd obviously like to get my own space back soon, but that will be dependent on how the summer pans out (i.e. if i can afford rent for longer than a month). 

as you can see, the ends obviously haven't been buried yet.

the shirt is done! it's not bad as a layering piece. i'll take actual photos once it's blocked, and it's a bit warmer. i love the back especially, but i'm not willing to freeze my butt/shoulder blades off completely for a few photos. and it's just not nearly as exciting with another shirt underneath it. sorry. 

cotton, linen (with some weird patterning going on from the camera, i think), and cotton lace.

in other crafting news, i found fabrics and lace trim in our stash that will work for one of my aprons! it'll probably end up being my kitchen apron, since it'll be nice-ish. the other one will be for painting/dyeing/other messy endeavours. my plan is to try making an ombre-esque design with different natural dyes on some white cotton that we have, then turn that into an apron. with really huge pockets. pockets are just necessary. they're great for storing things, like fidgety hands and random tools.

i'll leave you for now with my life mantra, which apparently has a word to describe it. tarantism. look it up. it's pretty great. i'd highly recommend it. it's really good for working emotions out of too-tight muscles.

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