Sunday, 16 March 2014

casting on

well, now that the undies contest is up and running, i've been able to return to other projects. i also finally made my way back to wolseley wool to grab lace tip needles and the contrasting colour for another gramps cardigan (hurrah for prepaid gift cards). add to that the fact that spring is a time of birthdays around here and you have a whole lot of casting on going on.

first up, the gramps cardigan. i'm using remnants from the shrug i finished last month as the main colour, since i had two skeins left over and sitting in my stash. the contrasting yarn is cascade 220 in a bright blue. the colours are pretty great together, and baby sweaters are always a fun knit. every wee one deserves their own old man cardigan, in my opinion.

next up, mumsy's shawl. i'm still keeping the pattern a secret on the off chance that she looks at the blog, but it's growing quickly and coming along pretty well, i think. i'll have to knit it on and off as a sneaky knit. it's got short rows, so you know i love it. although i could do without all the ends to bury...

this was version 1.0. the pattern is stephen west's westward, but my lefty knitting makes it eastward.
speaking of sneaky knits, my dad's birthday gift is finished and blocking. i'll post a photo of it once it's dry, but it's a redo of a hat i knit him for xmas a couple of years ago. the hat was lovely, but it was knit on too-small needles, and dad's head is larger than average to begin with. i got the same yarn, upped my needles to one size above gauge, then knit a new hat. the fabric is obviously not as dense, and the cables aren't as tight, but it still looks pretty good. it's a dad kind of hat. 

finally, here's a pic of my moon & stars shawl, alongside the infamous lace tips. i'm using the larger needles on the baby cardigan at the moment, so it's going to have to snooze for a bit. i suspect i'll be back at it within the week though. projects are whipping off my needles lately. probably because i just knit all day long. and occasionally venture out for meetings and artsy dates. 

don't forget that the undies contest runs until 11:59pm central time on march 20! check out my last blog post for rules and details, and get entering!

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