Wednesday, 19 February 2014

drool-worthy #6 - "quills arrow shawl" by courtney spainhower

it's been a little while since i've had a drool-worthy post (still waiting for a yarn store trip to grab my yarn for hana hou…). conveniently, this pattern basically smacked me across the face earlier this morning.

meet the quills arrow shawl by courtney spainhower. she's got some pretty adorable other patterns (check out the birch doll), but this one just floored me. i'm a little obsessed with shawls right now, mostly because a) i wear a lot of neckwear all year round and b) they involve no seaming, unlike my sweater obsessions. even the honey shrug i'm knitting right now has a couple of seams. you'll see pics of that soon enough. seams are the bane of my knitting existence. anyway, back to this shawl.

first off, look at those colours. so delicious. the best part, though, is that you can imagine basically any other colour combination on top of them too. it could be bright and obnoxious or muted and cozy. or both. imagine bright neon with a mottled grey? so great. 

and all the little details that flow so beautifully throughout it. just enough to make it stand out and be unique, without making your eyes explode.

of course, the model's various tattoos are always a welcome addition to a pattern's photography. but maybe that's just me… i have a few too many wips at the moment and some deadlines to address, but this puppy will definitely get knit over the summer. it's like the perfect road trip project. enough detail to keep you entertained over the miles without being too bulky to fit in your lap. and it's in dk weight, which means it'll be the perfect level of cozy for those late summer evenings. 

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