Friday, 7 February 2014

drool-worthy #5 - "hana hou" by mel ski

i think by now we all know that i love layers. also, i'm someone who loves practical and versatile fashion - items that can be comfortably worn in the studio, but that are also fancy enough to pass if i need to run off to a show or a dinner, and ideally also cozy. simple, right? so when i find patterns that tick all my boxes, i tend to fall in love.

meet hana hou, by mel ski. this loose sweater has the exact same construction (shape-wise) as my favourite cotton sweater. it's perfect - oversized for extra warmth, multiple silhouettes depending on how you fasten (or don't fasten) it, and a slightly femme-y sensibility that doesn't feel out of place in the studio but that easily dresses up a pair of jeans if i have an impromptu meeting. 

also, this beauty features smocking, and extra-long sleeves. 

i think this may be the sweater project for the summer. or maybe i'll get it done in time for a friend's wedding social in may. depends on how many other things pop up beforehand, and to be fair, i already have the yarn ordered for a shawl for that event. still, one can never wear too many knits.

the biggest issue with this one will be deciding on the yarn, i think. i have a couple of beautiful handmade wooden buttons that would be great as the fastener. i love working with quince & co.'s yarns, and chickadee would be ideal for it, but i do so love my semi-solids. i'll do some hunting and see what i come up with. sport weight is a bit awkward to find among canadian dyers, i find, so i might be looking at either the states or the uk. the problem with a pattern like this is that it deserves a high-quality yarn, which is not exactly in my budget at the moment. i'll see what i can come up with and let you all know, i'm sure.

just completed one of the other drool-worthy patterns, which i'll be posting about shortly. what about you? do you have any drool-worthy knits lined up?

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