Friday, 7 February 2014

a streetcar named desire

i haven't posted much recently, with the exception of the latest drool-worthy post (check it out!). i swear i'm still alive, and in fact my twitter feed will prove that, but i'm afraid my blog has been sat by the wayside for a bit. i've actually written a few posts (mostly focusing on fo things), but haven't had the time to do some nice photography. hence, no posts. but today, i bring you a post, complete with an fo, and also news about what i've been so busy with lately! 

how gorgeous is this baby? i knit up my own rising dawn shawl over 6 days, while the commission sat blocking once again. it's made from about 1.75 skeins of sweetgeorgia tough love sock in stella, one skein of which came from l'oisivethé in paris and the other which came from a fellow raveler. i'm so incredibly pleased with it. the colours are way brighter than i would normally wear, but it just seems to fit. love it.

i knit it for the sweetgeorgia stashbuster spring kal, which goes until april 1st, so if you've got a skein or three of sweetgeorgia kicking around, now is the perfect time to do something with it! the vancouver-based dye studio makes absolutely stunning colourways. i've knit with a couple of their yarn bases now and they're always gorgeous and high quality. 

in other news, i've suddenly been caught in a deluge of deadlines at the same time as social engagements (by which i mean, theatre productions and meetings). curiouser theatre is furiously working on networking, grant applications, business plans, accounts, and every other thing that could possibly get dropped on a theatre company. which is super exciting, but also slightly insane. i've been spending literally hours just emailing potential tour partners, never mind all the other stuff we have to do. but it's great. and exciting. and feels really amazing to be so busy and productive with something that is your passion. 

i've also picked up some more contract work, this time with the child nutrition council of manitoba. it's a mixture of basic office stuff (spreadsheets, letters, etc.) and helping out with the planning of the big annual fundraiser, stone soup. if you're in winnipeg, mark your calendars for lunch on march 12! you've got a date with us and 12 of the city's top chefs, among other folks. 

we're also puppysitting right now, and for a short period of time, i'm dealing with all of the household chores and upkeep, including cooking. of course this happens when i'm busy with actual deadlines. it's good though. i like being kept on my toes. i feel more productive and fulfilled when i'm working on several things at once. speaking of which, i should get back to the commission. it's nearly done, and may even be ahead of the deadline. 

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