Thursday, 30 January 2014

snail mail!

there are few things i enjoy more than getting snail mail. well, ok, there are probably many things i enjoy more, but getting snail mail (that isn't a bill) is definitely one of life's little joys for me. and lately, i've received a bunch! good ol' etsy and ravelry. 

valentine's day is coming up, for those of you who care, and while i'm not someone to put more emphasis on a specific day randomly chosen by the big corporates as an excuse to spend more money (personally, i think you should treat your special whomevers nicely year round), it does happen to fall on the day before the mrs. and my's anniversary. perfect excuse for snail mail! i'll make another post with her wee gifties later, once they've actually arrived in the uk. the cards are super cute. but i will show you the other things i got from the same etsy seller.

remember wit & whistle? well, here are some of the cute things i got from them. 

seriously, how adorable is that?

makes snail mail even more delightful.
also from etsy are these amazing om buttons, which will eventually adorn my levenwick sweater (when i get around to making it…need the yarn first…). i actually first ordered two sets of eight, but when they arrived one button was missing. i sent a message to the seller, and got an immediate response apologizing for it and that another six would be sent out the next morning. 

those six arrived today, along with the extra two charms! i can think of a few people who would fit those charms. maybe add them onto the corner of a shawl or something…anyway, i'll definitely be ordering from bohemian findings again. really lovely supplies at good prices, and the service is wonderful.

and finally, this skein of sweetgeorgia tough sock in stella arrived today too.

the mrs. and i had picked up one skein while we were in paris, and while i love it, you can see that it's quite variegated. not a bad thing, i just tend to wear more semi-solids myself. but the paris yarns that are left are all designated as selfish knits for me or her (besides the skeins that we bought for her niece that have already been used). remember my drool-worthy post with stephen west's rising dawn shawl? i immediately thought of this yarn for it. there's not a regular stockist in winnipeg for sweetgeorgia (wolseley wool gets some in, but not loads, and i haven't noticed yet if there's a regularity to the colours brought in), so i headed to ravelry to see if anyone had it and was willing to destash. lucky me, there was a single skein in stella! and for cheaper even with the shipping! i've decided i'm going to knit with it first, because the yards that are left over i want to make into hexipuffs for the beekeeper's quilt (i'll post about it a little later). and i'd rather know that the hexipuffs come from the skein we brought from paris. i'm sentimental (ridiculous?) like that. 

the wound one is the paris skein. isn't it great?
i restarted with our local wellness centre today. i've been going since i was about ten, but obviously the last 5 or 6 years wasn't really around. i've got a weight-training circuit set up and everything. it's pretty exciting. and the sun is out in force today! it's meant to dip back down again (it's already started), but for one glorious hour, it was the perfect blend of sun and -11 without much wind. that's the kind of winter i love. just cold enough to keep the snow frozen, but not so cold that you have to wear eighteen layers to avoid frostbite.

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  1. Oh good, I'm glad your goodies arrived safely. Thanks so much for sharing them here! :)

    —Amanda (Wit & Whistle)