Thursday, 2 January 2014

resolutions and such-like

happy 2014, y'all. i realize i'm a couple days late to the mark, but hey, it's the holidays still. and i'm prioritizing spending time with the mrs. and my family. also desperately trying to find sources of income, and i actually have had a couple land in my lap in the past few days, which is a blessing. i need more though. if the world could return to the barter network, i think i'd do better. until then, having a regular source of income would be more than slightly exciting.

last year was the first time that i really bothered with new year's resolutions. they were just never really a thing for me before that. i can't remember what made last year different. i found them recently and i think i actually managed to tick all of them off, to varying degrees. it was nice to see that i actually accomplished more than i expected of myself (i have a terrible habit of making goals or plans and never getting around to them, or at least not completing them). 

so, i figured i should try it again this year. 

2013 was a year of many beginnings and endings, including the beginning of both of my companies (sunflower knit and curiouser theatre <- that one isn't technically mine, it's just a brainchild that luckily has found other parents to join in on the fun), the ending of my school years for the foreseeable future, and a whole lot of travel. i spent my birthday in paris, my summer on two continents, and officially became a master of the arts, while losing a good chunk of my affection for academia. yoga also became both a more important and less regular part of my life, which i would like to remedy this year.

my resolutions for this year are a mix of tangible goals and more philosophical dreams. they are, in no particular order:
-get back to a daily yoga practice, adding in some meditation 
-learn how to kick up into handstand
-knit more things that i enjoy, and stress myself out less with knitting deadlines
-continue to travel
-start my yoga training (?)
-expand both companies - artistically, business-wise, geographically, and socially
-get back to the music
-play more in every way 
-find my love of nutrition again - i know it's good for me, and i enjoy it, so it's just a matter of reigniting that passion in the kitchen
-get better at photography
-express myself more fully
-be kinder, to myself and to others
-find that gratitude and embrace it sincerely
-more poetry, in every part of my life
-breathe more openly
-save some money. nest eggs are nice, and not stressing over bills is even better.

so there we go. i hope you're all having a lovely new year so far. it's freezing here, but the soup pot is hot and the knitting needles are clicking away, as always. 

with love,

*extra resolution - maybe grow a sunflower or two...*

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