Thursday, 16 January 2014

not really a tutorial, or, what happens when i get up too early

i was meant to go to a coffee meeting today, but mama nature had another plan apparently. you wouldn't know it by the sun outside, but we've got some crazy winds happening, and this morning it was combined with more snow. a mini-blizzard, if you will. so, i was up early and stuck inside with cabin fever (it's been climbing, to be honest). i also had that hood that needs to get packed and posted. upon confirming that i had left all my tags in the uk, and that we had none at home, my dad suggested i make some. this is what happened.

one folder made 15 tags and one template.
whilst making strange noises (pretty typical when i'm crafting or focused on a task that doesn't involve direct interaction with other people), i took an old file folder, cut up a template, and proceeded to trace and cut a bunch of tags. then i hole-punched them to allow for ribbon/raffia attachment, stamped them with my logo, and grabbed a skinny sharpie to write on my etsy address and care instructions (only a couple have these so far, since the care instructions can vary a wee bit per item i tend to make). 

so, there you go. that's by far been the most productive thing i've done so far today, but it's pretty good i think. the next time you realize you're in need of gift/product tags, try upcycling an old file folder. just remember to hold onto your template for the next next time.

*update: i did make a call and then emailed the arts council, which was very official of me. then i grabbed a colouring book.

another update: i really want to start on tiny owl knit's beekeeper's quilt. i feel like maybe it'll help when i get fidgety like today during longer projects. if you have remnants of sock yarn or actual mini skeins kicking around in your stash and you want to declutter, get at me (etsy's probably the easiest if you don't actually know me). i would love some snail mail, especially if it's filled with yarn goodies. all colours welcome (i love semi-solids), and i'll knit with pretty much anything except acrylic.*

this is stephanie's original quilt. seriously, how cool is this? and just think, you could help me make one...

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