Wednesday, 29 January 2014

drool-worthy #4 - "lila" by carrie bostick hoge

another drool-worthy! hurrah! this time it's a sweater (or jumper, if i'm in the uk) - lila, by carrie bostick hoge (she often does designs for quince & co. and brooklyn tweed). 

anyone who knows me knows that i love my layers. i have the strangest body that is cold to the bones up until a point, at which point i sweat like crazy and get cranky from the heat. this means that i routinely have several layers on, often going from smallest amount of clothing next to my skin to blizzard-worthy weather on top. and there is always some sort of sweater. it's the perfect in between. especially if i've been in the studio (theatre or yoga) and have worked up a sweat only to cool down quickly or stop to write another passage. 

i love this sweater. even though i wear layers, i like for the lower ones to still somehow be visible. this sweater's gentle front swoop does that beautifully, and the wide neck sits gorgeously under the collarbones (which are, in my opinion, one of the sexiest spots on every body). 

also, worsted weight sweaters are the best. they knit up relatively quickly, are a great weight for the variance in canadian seasons, and aren't so hot that you can't wear them for three-quarters of the year. 

the best part? there's a kid's version. find it here

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