Friday, 17 January 2014

drool-worthy #3 - westknits' rising dawn shawl

i'm sure i've promised several times about photos of the commission and wips, etc. unfortunately, i woke up late today and need to play catch-up with several things, including the commission and sending out some snail mail. and then an old friend is popping by with crafting materials (i'm helping her with a show she's staging next week). so, what better time for another drool-worthy pattern?

photo courtesy of ravelry.
look at that sexy thing. it's stephen west's latest shawl, rising dawn.  if you know me/my knitting, i love slipped stitches almost as much as i love short rows. and then you add a picot edge?? i'm sold. the fact that it also deals with those awkwardly variegated yarns in your stash is just a bonus. (another bonus: he knit it for his mom. how sweet is that?)

stephen west has been one of my top favourite designers since i really got into knitting. his groove shawl was the first really big project i made (it was for an ex, so i have no idea where it's at these days unfortunately). stephen's brilliant, plays with colour and texture in mind-blowing ways, uses really clever alternative shaping methods, and is a dancer by trade. and his favourite country is (i think still) the same as mine - iceland. did i mention that he's only two years older than me? yup, that's a bit annoying.

a long view of my groove shawl. can you believe i took a decent photo so long ago? total fluke.
anywho, suffice to say that i will always love his designs. and this pretty baby (which is of course now in my queue) is part of a new collection that he's currently releasing. you can order the full collection on ravelry now and get the pattern updates as they're released. i'd highly suggest it, for both experienced knitters and new knitters alike. stephen's patterns are always well-written and easy to follow on top of being innovative, making him the ideal designer to try out if you're a) an experienced knitter who's bored with the usual stuff or b) a new knitter who wants to try out something beyond just the basics. i'm of the opinion that many knitters never learn new skills because it looks too tricky, like using circular needles instead of straights. but y'know what? knitting really comes down to two pointy sticks and some string. even if you're using dpns, you're only ever knitting with two at a time. and trying something new is fun in all its terrifying newness. so try it out. maybe something crazy will happen, like circular needles becoming your new favourite thing or picot edges becoming your go-to bind off. and then tell me how it goes (or better yet, show me a picture). 

seriously, it's so pretty.

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