Wednesday, 8 January 2014

antique finds and new projects

guys, guys, guys, look at these pretty puppies!

aren't they amazing? they're antique wooden sock blockers that i grabbed a couple of days ago when the mrs. and i went to the forks. in the basement of the johnston terminal is this massive antiques market. some of the stuff is bizarre, some of the stuff is amazing, some of it is way overpriced, and then there were these. the mrs. and i spotted them at the same time and said, "look!" she's not as much of a knitter as me, but she's picked up a heck of a lot since we've been together, and she gets just as excited about stuff like this (or at least in pointing them out to me). i don't think i'll risk actually using them, as the water damage from past socks have split the wood at both toes and stained them up to a few inches below the tops, but my dad did point out that they'd make a great template for cutting my own. then i can just hang these as decor in my studio space(s). so neat!

speaking of studio spaces, the mrs. and i were trolling buzzfeed's diy section last night and we found this brilliant idea. so clever! why spend loads of money on those chalkboard sticker things when you can just paint a space that fits your needs with chalkboard paint? definitely going to be doing this. mum was planning on redoing my room anyway, but maybe i can sneak this in. i'll paint it over before i head back to the uk...

fyi: i've used chalk ink pens and find they're not that great unless it's a horizontal surface, and then it's just kind of ok. maybe they're like normal pens that don't like lefties?

in other news, i finished off that hood commission i posted about in my last post and have started on the big commission. isn't it pretty? i've really only just started on it, but it's already looking so lovely. if you're loving the cables, it's the seraphine shawl/wrap from brooklyn tweed. i'm using it as the base for a loose cardigan/shrug thing, but am keeping the cabled back panel the same. pretty soon i'm going to have to pull out the tissue paper and start fashioning some pieces to figure out the rest of the construction, but you can keep it simple and just make the wrap if you like. it's gorgeous, and the pattern is incredibly well-written. the cables are only charted, but it's pretty simple to catch onto once you get it set up. it's pretty straightforward and intuitive if you've done cables before. 

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