Sunday, 5 January 2014

all of the knits!

so you know how i was complaining the other day about having no job? not so much the case anymore. i'm still technically unemployed, but a knitting commission got sorted and is going to be big, payment- and size-wise. i'm really excited about it. it's a gorgeous design for a lovely person, through an old family friend, and i get to knit with good yarn (always a plus). 

malabrigo rios in plomo.
i'll be posting more pics as i work on it, but it will involve really gorgeous cables and a modern look. i also have two other commissions on my needles and in my queue, so my own projects are on the back-burner for a bit.

this is slowly becoming a hood.
in other knitting news, wolseley wool is having a january sale! the mrs. kept me in check, but i did snag 4 skeins of cascade eco+ to knit the girasole blanket (it'll look like a great big sunflower!) and one hank of sweetgeorgia panda fibre to eventually spin on the spinning wheel. i want to get better at spinning before using it though. 

eco+ for a massive blanket! and sweetgeorgia panda in hummingbird.

fun fact: i got a message today saying that this photo was requested as a feature photo for the original pattern on ravelry! (i modified it a fair amount because i was knitting 15 projects in 8 weeks, so mine is shorter than the actual pattern.)

my ridiculous face. pretty sure i had bed-head under that hat...
learning how to price myself as a knitter (and artist in general) is difficult, and awkward. i'm starting to get better with it though, and learning that asking for payment that actually reflects the time and effort i've put into something is ok, and actually more than appropriate. i'm still a huge fan of energy trades, but in cases where someone is able to pay me for my work, being able to pay my bills and invest money back into myself and my businesses is important too. 

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