Wednesday, 11 December 2013

very slow progress slowly progressing

i've given up on doing a sneaky knit for mumsy. it's two weeks until xmas, and i have to have this sweater knit, seamed, blocked, dried, and wrapped up before then. plus the other xmas knits i'm still working on. i've reverted to my usual holiday tactic, which is make the gifts under everyone's noses and just make sure that the finishing touches aren't seen before it's unwrapping time. i've been knitting the gift since yesterday and actually got through almost a full skein of wool today alone, but it's still slow slogging. it's nice to see it coming along, it would just be nice if it came along a little bit faster. and if my wrists and finger joints wouldn't act up. seriously, you guys, you can complain in two weeks as much as you like. until then, i need you to keep functioning. k, thanks.

for myself and all the other crazy holiday knitters out there coming around the home stretch, 

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