Wednesday, 11 December 2013

spirit of the season

mumsy called me this afternoon while she was out to tell me she'd just received two tickets for the huron carole, which is a fundraising concert tour put on by tom jackson to help raise money and awareness to combat hunger in canada. tom has said in interviews that he wishes the concert wasn't necessary, but it's back this year with 18 stops across the country, and tonight was winnipeg's turn. 

one of my aunties (you know, the ones who aren't blood-related but rather soul-related) is an old friend of tom's, and so mum went to chat briefly with him about auntie pauline and about the child nutrition council. i shook his hand, and friends, he has the warmest eyes you'll ever see. i was expecting one of those professional "nice to meet you, fellow canadian, i have ten other things to do before getting on stage in fifteen minutes but i'll chat with you for a moment" handshakes, but this was so much more than that. it was genuine, and warm, and kind. what a soul. he of course did need to get a bunch of other things done before the concert, and so after saying goodbye to him and briefly running into an old friend and some of mum's colleagues, we took our seats...row 4, centre seats.

i swear one of these days i'll use a real camera instead of my iphone.
the music was faith-based a lot of the time (there were country artists singing christmas songs - what do you expect?), but the tone of the evening was more one of giving and the (non-retail) xmas spirit than of just jesus. which was nice, and not so uncomfortable for me. and, i will tell you all this, o holy night remains one of my absolute favourite xmas songs. those soaring notes just make my heart swell and ribcage open. george canyon sang it at the end of the first half, and that man's voice filled the hall spectacularly. yup, i love it. so, all in all, a very lovely surprise of an evening. and we still have my friend jp hoe's annual hoe hoe hoe holiday show on friday! (tickets are still available for the second balcony. do it.) music, my friends, is the reason for the season. and kindness. that too.

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