Thursday, 5 December 2013

retail therapy and a whole lot of snow

i've had a tough past few days, which i don't particularly feel like going into. suffice to say, my breathing was shallow. luckily, things are looking up, and i'm at home with my parents without any major deadlines pressing on me to worry about. i've spent a fair amount of time knitting, and a couple days ago went out with mumsy for some retail therapy.

we hit up velvet plume's open studio sale. velvet plume is a small-scale business run by a lovely married couple. their kids are adorable, and the clothes are gorgeous. i bought a wrap from them at folk fest a few years ago when i needed layers for the dance studio, but this was the first time i was able to attend any of the open studio sales. it was lovely, and mum and i had a great chat with them. we left after buying this amazing skirt, but needed to pick it up later after new wood buttons were made and sewn onto my specific chalk marks. i popped my name into a draw for custom leggings as we left. imagine my surprise when my name was drawn! conveniently i'd already had my eye on a pair at the sale, but decided on the skirt instead. karma gifted me both, i suppose. thanks, karma.
check out those buttons and that stitching!

after the open studio, we visited a new-to-me yarn shop, wolseley wool. it's actually fabulous, with a solid selection of brands like malabrigo, handmaiden, lopi, and all the cascade you could ever ask for. seriously, so many colours of 220. it's great for my commissions and sweater queue. i picked up two skeins of eco+ to knit tin can knit's winterberry shawl. it'll be a bit chunkier than the original design, which calls for worsted, but i'm happy to have a slightly larger lap blanket anyway. i'd like to get started on it now, but xmas knits take priority. 

i'm testing out larger pics since mumsy's camera is actually high quality. look ma, no iphone!
if you take a peek at the snow coming down at the moment (it hasn't stopped yet), you'll understand why i'd be keen to get a large shawl on my needles.

our dog buried up to her face in snow. she loves it, the weirdo.
i'm doing better today with expanding my lungs. breathe easy, friends.

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