Sunday, 15 December 2013

peasant cookery

most of my time for the last couple of weeks has been spent sitting and knitting. there have been a few outings, but mostly, i've been in the house frantically trying to finish xmas gifts. so any excuse to get out of the house is more than welcome. tonight's excuse was an xmas party being thrown by my uncle rodney and auntie pauline at the peasant cookery in the exchange. 

it was an evening filled with new connections, a few business-y plans, and delicious food. the staff were absolutely amazing - on top of everything, friendly, and just generally delightful. one of the appetizers was oysters in their shells, so of course my crafty self naturally started hoarding my dad's shells for a project that's been in the back of my head. (it's an easy-peasy one that i may share via photo tutorial on here - take a peek after xmas.) a couple of other people at our table noticed my hoarding plate and kindly added their shells to the pile. one of the servers came by to clear things and started to take my collection, at which point i stopped them and explained (in my usual awkward manner) that i was collecting them. next thing i know, another server appears with a take-away container and a heavy brown paper gift bag to take them home in, as well as another container filled with more shells! seriously, these folks were amazing. 

these are actually oysters from peasant cookery, courtesy of the urban spoon.
the food was delicious - a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings. it tasted like the best homemade turkey supper your mom has ever made (assuming your mom knows how to cook). i had mine minus the stuffing and gravy to avoid the gluten. i made the mistake yesterday of cheating and eating a couple too many shortbreads, and paid for it in the evening. rather than being ill in public, i figured skipping a couple of elements would be appropriate. 

the company was wonderful. we met some new folks who were great to chat to, and caught up with some old friends as well. and, of course, got to see uncle rodney and auntie pauline. i'm trying to arrange a date with auntie pauline to make dreamcatchers and learn some of the traditions surrounding smudging. she's an elder, although she doesn't make dreamcatchers. luckily, some of her family do, so it'll be a group date! all in all, a much nicer evening than just sitting at home, watching sunday night television and knitting. i've done enough of that at this point to fill my boots for a while...10 days left. the countdown is on.

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