Monday, 30 December 2013

merry belated xmas! (aka we're snowed in with knits)

merry belated xmas, everyone! it's a blustery day in manitoba, as pooh bear would say. the mrs. flew in (hurrah!) and we were meant to meet up with an old friend of mine for coffee, but blizzard conditions had us snowed in. so she got a sleep in after almost 24 straight hours of travel and i was cozy next to the fire with my winterberry shawl and cbc radio playing. not a bad plan b. 

the mrs. got me a magical unicorn onesie for xmas. best gift ever.
it's been a lovely xmas here in mani-snow-ba. cold, but lovely. i finished all the xmas knits with enough time to knit myself my oh bondage! cowl as soon as the digital copy of doomsday knits was out. apparently i have the first fo of the book haha! i do still need to find some leather purse straps for it. mum's suggested checking out second-hand shops for old purses to take apart, or going to the leather factory to see if they have any remnants that didn't make it to the shelves. 

doesn't matter if it doesn't have straps yet, it's bloody warm!
while trying to get all my xmas gifts mailed out before canada post significantly ups prices on new year's day (which are already high enough, thank you very much), we discovered it would cost me over $100 to send about half a dozen gifts, mostly hats. sorry, what? currently sorting out an alternative with my friends, but it does have me thinking about what i'm going to do for the etsy shop while i'm here. canada post also prices thing from post code to post code, so i can't even do a general price to any country. any canadian etsy sellers have a suggestion/methods for pricing your shipping? it's really making me miss royal mail in the uk. 

speaking of xmas gifts, i uploaded some pics of them onto sunflower knit's facebook page! you can check them out by following the link attached to this photo:

wolseley wool is having a january sale starting next week, so i plan on making a list and seeing what i can get within a tight budget. the mrs. brought me a suitcase full of yarn from my uk stash, so there will be a few new products in the etsy shop when i eventually figure out the whole shipping issue. expect some new cowls and floor pouffes...

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