Saturday, 7 December 2013

knits in the freezing cold

prairie winters are notorious for being cold. growing up in the prairies, it was normal to have at least one week where the windchill dipped to -50 (although to be honest, anything below -30 is just cold). we've now dipped into the high -20s without the windchill, which means that the dog is able to do about three bounds through the three feet of snow and then her paws freeze up. the one good thing is that i get to practice my thai yoga massage on her paws when she gets in to get the blood flowing in them again. she's only slightly spoiled.

cold weather does encourage the knits, of course. i finally finished all the body pieces of one of the sweaters. now they just need blocking, seaming, and the addition of the collar/buttonband. i don't have any of the foam puzzle mat pieces that are so popular with knitters (mostly because by the time i started blocking large items with pins, i was already too poor to think of anything beyond groceries and xmas gift materials). luckily for me, mumsy put together a new cabinet recently, which left large sheets of 1/2" white foam in the garage. how convenient! i started on my brother's xmas gift last night, since working on mumsy's gift while she's around is too risky (i like gifts to be a surprise). i think i may need to start waking early or knitting for an extra hour before bed or something, otherwise her gift will never get finished.

yesterday i went to mondragon, which has been my favourite hangout in winnipeg since i was in high school. it's an anarchist-run co-op vegan restaurant and radical bookstore, and in recent years an organic grocery was added to the main floor. for years, it's been the place i feel most comfortable to go and sit and write for an afternoon. i'm usually more productive in cafes than at home or at the library. i've written a number of scripts at mondragon's tables. 

yesterday, i went for a lunch date with an old friend. she and i have been theatre kids together since we were 9 years old, and at this point, she's one of the oldest friends i still keep in regular touch with. we went to catch up, and also for me to offer her a potential job. i've applied for a grant (which went in yesterday afternoon) to do a short-term project here in winnipeg. i won't say too much about it, but i'll find out in january whether it goes through. between now and then, i have xmas gifts to finish and the mrs.'s visit to prepare for :) 

today mumsy and i went out to replace my winter wardrobe since it was a sale day. i always need socks and tights and jeans by the time december rolls around again. the weather was -23 before the windchill and then -37 with it, so it was proper boogers-freezing-inside-your-nose weather. it was so cold that while waiting in the car at one point, i couldn't continue knitting because my hands were too cold.

started on my winterberry shawl. it's a quick and cozy knit so far.
fun fact: cold weather also means the return of curling season, and we've been watching roar of the rings, which are the olympic pre-trials. non-canucks don't really get curling, but i can tell you, it gets pretty intense. especially if you're on the ice. it takes skill to throw a rock with the right weight and amount of curl. my parents met on their workplace curling team over 30 years ago, so it's safe to say that i wouldn't be around without the sport.  


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