Saturday, 21 December 2013

for the knitting designer in your life

i finished one of the xmas sweaters yesterday (finally!) and am working on the finishing touches of the other today. hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow...of course, that also means i've been wasting time on allllllll of the knitting websites. here are a couple ideas for the knitting designer in your life.

did you know that knitting graph paper is specially designed? rows and columns are not equal size when you knit, so designing, say, an intarsia design on regular graph paper (which is my current situation, but i've got a notebook i'm attached to at the moment) will give you a distorted image for your actual knitting. knitting graph paper is sized to accommodate for that distortion, giving you a more accurate idea of what your image will look like in real life. it's also often blocked using heavier lines to make counting easier (always a boon).

for the zero-budget/still-thoughtful gift:
the knitting site's downloadable individual sheets - these come in a few different size options and can be saved as individual pdfs on your computer. the cost is a bit of ink from your printer. you can even be eco-friendly and use the back of some old printings to save paper! (just make sure there's nothing important on the other side.)

for the slightly-bigger-budget/also-thoughtful gift:
fringe supply co.'s knitters graph paper journal - for those of you with a bit more money to spare/for those of you with a knitter in mind who has crazy ocd/notebook obsession/prefers everything kept together in one place, this notebook combines the awesomeness of knitting graph paper with the loveliness of a basic notebook. almost moleskine-esque in its simplicity. if moleskine ever comes out with a knitter's journal, someone send me one please?

the cheat sheet out of the knitter's graph paper journal.
toss either of these options together with a pack of coloured pencils, a spare skein from your stash or just some nice tea (maybe gather some of those mint leaves growing wild in your backyard?) and you have a fabulous gift for any knitting designer in your life!

happy winter solstice, everyone.

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