Friday, 20 December 2013

drool-worthy #2

as we all know, there are now 5 - count 'em, 5 - knitting days til xmas. which means, of course, that i am nearing the end of several projects and so am spending stupid amounts of precious knitting time on ravelry looking for my next project. i haven't done a drool-worthy pattern recently, but GUYS, GUYS, I FOUND IT!!!

is it not the most adorable little sweater for a wee one? i immediately thought about donning all of my (non-existent) spawn in these evergreen-covered bundles of coziness. it's called "anders", and is part of an ebook called north, written by sorren kerr and vivian aubrey. the other projects are also cute, but this one stole my canuck heart. 

this kid is rocking out in a handknit sweater and plaid pants in front of a fireplace with a bunny. awesome.

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