Sunday, 17 November 2013

xmas starts early here

i've been working on xmas gifts since august. yes, august. it's absurd, until you consider the fact that i'm knitting or sewing nearly every item, including two full-sized garments for the pair that gave me life (aka my parents). i'm also dealing with getting gifts to people on two continents, in four different countries, all ideally in time for opening under an over-sized tree. so, most of my crafting projects over the past four months have been in anticipation of that. and i have more to go yet. 


it's really exciting when they're finished, and in a pretty pile, and even better when they get wrapped up. 

these weren't technically my first presents wrapped, since i did wrap part of the girlfriend's niece's gift a couple days ago, but it's still exciting. i love seeing piles of gifts that i know i've spent ages planning, finding the perfect materials in the perfect colours, making and knitting and cutting and stitching, finally wrapped up in pretty paper and ready for eager (and often unsuspecting) hands. 

i rarely get gifts back from the people i make gifts for, at least in the material sense. but everyone i make for has an important place in my life, and there are very few things that give me more pleasure than seeing the joy in their faces (or hearing it in their voice over skype) when they unwrap their gift.

do you make gifts for friends and family too? what was your favourite one?

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