Saturday, 16 November 2013

too dark for pics...

i spent the day in transit and then at work today, so by the time i made it home, the sun had long set. unfortunately, this means no pretty pics for today's post. i'll try to make up for it tomorrow.

i've got about a week and a half before flying back to canada for the holidays, and during that time i have a photo shoot for two knitting patterns i'll be releasing soon, as well as packing and finishing off xmas gifts for my uk friends. i have pom poms to attach, crochet edgings to add, sewing to do, and some last minute knits to start. one of those is currently on my needles - a quick bulky hat for the mrs.'s mum. we picked the yarn up earlier in the week at strictly knitting in shanklin, isle of wight. i'm also working on a cardigan for my dad. i finished the back piece and started on the left front, but i think it may need to go on hold until i get on the airplane. i'll post the actual specs of it (and all the other xmas gifts) after they've been delivered and opened. i'm a bit of a stickler for maintaining the surprise of a gift.

some unrelated news: i got into the shop today after being away for a week and we'd had  a shipment of some absolutely adorable brooches and necklaces from arty smarty in ireland. i treated myself to a squirrel brooch (pic tomorrow), along with twenty - yes, twenty - balls of drops andes. i plan on eventually knitting up some of those pouffe cushions that seem to be so popular right now, but they'll have to wait until after the holidays and once the girlfriend and i have some more space for storing my items. as much as i love making gifts, i'm excited for the holiday rush to die down so that i can get back to making stuff for the shop. i have so many ideas running around in my head!

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