Sunday, 24 November 2013

replacement knits

the mrs. and i have moved to the isle of wight, officially. as in, we're here with all our stuff. as i left london though, i somehow managed to lose my hipster hat that i knit for myself last year on the flight across the pond!

if you spot this hat in north london, give me a shout.
the irony of losing that right after reading anushka tay's article "knits i have known and loved" in pom pom was a bit annoying, to be honest. and my handshoes that i knit years ago (one of my first projects, and my first cabled project) are fraying around the top edge in several places. sigh. i suppose this is why we knit multiples of things. luckily, i was planning on knitting myself a warmer hat (my hipster was knit in dk and definitely not warm enough for winnipeg winter weather), as well as the vite cowl out of a spare skein of rasta i had in my stash. (a quick note on the vite pattern - it doesn't mention that the 24 row pattern is just one repeat of the design. for a full cowl or scarf, you'll need to do a few repeats. when i finish mine, i'll make a note of how many times i did it.)

i'm knitting the hat along the same lines as another hat i made a few months ago, using the short row brim of stephen west's bedrock hat pattern with just a plain stockinette floppy top. i knit bedrock for a friend a couple years ago and it was a headache for several reasons, mostly due to not having enough of the yarn he sent me to complete the pattern, and so spending ages finding a suitable yarn to combine with it and then sort out how to combine the colours within the pattern. the finished product is lovely, and he was really pleased with it, but i just prefer a slightly plainer knit for myself. i love short rows though, and the shape of the hat is fabulous. so, short row brim with stockinette top! i'm knitting it out of madelinetosh worsted which i got on sale from loop during the summer, which is a single ply merino. it's really soft and lovely, just has a tendency of stretching a bit more than necessarily desired. i used a long-tail cast-on to keep the brim stretchy but still structured.

the original plan was to knit them after i'd finished mum and dad's xmas gifts, since those two are rather large in terms of projects. but then i lost my hat, and i'm cold already. so i'm knitting myself a couple of quick things and then getting back on track with the parental knits.

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