Tuesday, 26 November 2013

last day in the uk...for a bit

today's been my last day in the uk until after new year's. tomorrow, the mrs. and i will be up absurdly early for a ferry ride and then three hour coach ride to heathrow, then i'll fly to toronto and hang out there for a couple of days before carrying on to the prairies on friday. 

we tried to get my passport photos taken this afternoon, but after getting them done and paying for them, found out they're not the right size for canadian applications. gee, thanks. ah well, we at least got my address change sorted at the bank on the same errand run. 

i spent the majority of the evening finishing off xmas gifts and packing (which i'd luckily done for the most part when we moved last week). it involved pulling out the sewing machine, sewing on buttons, and wrapping the finished gifts after some poor photos were taken using my iphone...again. they're particularly low quality this time. sorry. i seriously need to invest in a decent camera, and stop doing my projects last minute so that the sun goes down before i can stage a photo shoot.

anyway, here are a couple pics of some xmas gifts for the mrs.'s family. i sewed a cowl for her nan using brushed cotton. the finished product is lovely and cozy, but my ikea sewing machine was not a huge fan of the cotton. it kept sticking together, and the machine isn't strong enough to do straight seams on a good day. i need to get the vintage singer we found serviced so that i can start sewing on it. 

and here's a hat i knit using a bulky alpaca/wool blend for her mama. 

i also finally put the buttons on her niece's cardigan, but i want some decent photos of it to show, so those will probably happen some time in the new year. 

we watched despicable me 2 while i wrapped everything up and she coughed (poor thing managed to catch a cold in the past 24 hours). i love those minions!

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