Tuesday, 19 November 2013

date night and crochet

i finally got around yesterday to finishing (or basically finishing) another couple of gifts. they were knit ages ago and just needed some crocheted edges and blocking, in one case. here's the thing: i don't crochet. i appreciate the look of a lot of crocheted items (although i still tend to prefer knitted stuff, go figure), but when it comes to doing it myself, well, i'd rather not. i'm teaching myself, slowly, but i still find getting the tension even bizarrely difficult. anyway, i did finally get around to doing those crochet edgings yesterday, and they do make the finished products much nicer in various ways. one still needs to be blocked to size and buttons added to it, but other than that, three more gifts knocked off the to-do list. 

which leads to the much more enjoyable portion of my yesterday - date night with the mrs.! she got us free tickets to see don jon at curzon, and afterwards we wandered regent street and carnaby street looking at the xmas lights. it was adorable. and the movie was great! in typical joseph gordon-levitt fashion, the script was a lot more nuanced than you originally expect at the beginning. i especially appreciated julianne moore's character as the voice of reason, in her own quirky way. particularly in the not-so-subtle suggestion that while jon (gordon-levitt) watched damaging porn, that didn't make all porn damaging (cue reference to 70s alternative danish porn). lovely. i'm sure the rest of the team behind the bad bad book club back home would appreciate this sentiment. (speaking of which, our journal publication GUSH! will be accepting work until jan. 7. you should maybe apply if you have something relevant you'd like to share.)

here are some terrible iphone pics from last night that don't give nearly a nice enough impression of last night's light-gazing:

xmas market on the south bank
hamley's toy store display
more from hamley's
carnaby street was definitely the cutest.

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