Friday, 22 November 2013

big changes, little changes

well, it's official. the mrs. and i have moved out of london. we're moving down to the isle of wight to be closer to family and to actually afford a life. london is a fabulous city, but not so much if you're spending all your time working in order to afford basic rent and bills. in that case, you may as well be in any large, anonymous city with angry transit rides that eat up half your day. not my idea of an enjoyable time. so we've moved, and will hopefully be able to not be living paycheck to paycheck so much, and at the very least we'll be right beside the ocean and near the family.

today was my last day at the yarn shop, and it was lovely and a bit bittersweet. mostly lovely though. it's a bit frightening to be unemployed again, although to be fair i certainly have enough to do right now to keep myself busy! i'm still finishing off xmas gifts, and once those are done, i have a huge queue of items to knit and sew for the shop and in exchange for favours (like that photo shoot a few days ago that you'll all eventually get to see!). my boss dropped by with her new baby (who was adorable), and flowers and chocolates. now there's the way to send someone off! seriously, everyone should get flowers more often. the toddler on the train this evening certainly was enthralled with them.

goodnight moon toy that i knit for my boss's baby
yesterday, the mrs. and i spent a really nice last full day in london. we were up early and off to the v&a to check out ancient buddhist statues, theatre costumes, clothing, and to have tea with one of my old classmates. then we had a quick lunch before spending the rest of the afternoon at the science museum, which was fascinating. so much medical science history in one place! also, museum shops. i love them. after the museums, we went to fortnum & mason to grab xmas gifts, to anthropologie (my first time - it's incredible! i wanted everything...), and to hamley's toy store (also my first time, and also incredible). we finished off at jamie's pop-up diner, where i had a margarita that arrived in a mason jar (everything should always be in mason jars), before we headed home and packed. 
modern merges with classic: new twist on the chandelier at the v&a

so, on to new beginnings. i've got a few days off before flying back to canada mid-week, with a stop off in toronto for a couple of days (expect pictures of delicious yarns) and then back to the prairies to sit on my butt and knit while watching xmas movies with the dog. 

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