Thursday, 14 November 2013

and we're back

i've decided to start up a blog again. every independent business how-to advice i've come across suggests keeping a blog, and i do actually enjoy the activity of it. it's just a matter of actually doing it regularly. now that i've finished my master's, i feel like i can try this again and do it properly! so here we are, back again on the blogging sphere. 

some fun facts about myself: 
-i'm the artistic director of curiouser theatre, a multinational devising theatre company that uses performance as a method for opening up dialogue around taboo issues. 
-i started sunflower knit because so many friends were asking if i could knit them things for money. and then at crafting events, random strangers wanted to know what my etsy shop was. so i finally caved and signed up. best decision ever. 
-i'm currently saving up money to do my 500-hour yoga training with the minded institute, which specializes in yoga for mental health. 
-my politics are queer in every sense of the word. 
-my pronoun is "they." yes, they is a singular pronoun. 
-i knit left-handed! 
-i don't use capital letters, but grammatical mistakes annoy me to no end. 
-i grew up on the canadian prairies, consider the east coast of canada my home, and currently live in the uk with my british partner. someday i'd like us to have a dog. i just need to convince her that getting a large dog is a good thing. 

 so there you have it. me in a nutshell. i expect to post about knitting, yoga, politics, living in the uk, travel, theatre, and mental health. hopefully i get better at taking photos over the course of this blog too. join me to see how things pan out!

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